“No foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang suffers the daily beating that Trump does.”

August 26th, 2016

Legal Insurrection

Thank you, Stephen Harper

August 26th, 2016


My only quibble with Michael is that I doubt that the MSM had much credibility before it began its ambush of Trump,

August 26th, 2016

Tyrrell-“The MSM is aroused by Trump’s words but unbothered about actions that Clinton has actually taken. They seem to think that Trump’s misfired jokes or loosely formulated statements are more dangerous to the commonweal than Clinton’s decisions with her e-mails and her mendacious cover-ups.

Hillary’s hybrid ‘Clinton State-Foundation’ is a national disgrace

August 26th, 2016

Austin Bay


Howie Carr



How can the administration tap the taxpayers for $1.3 billion without the say-so of Congress?

August 25th, 2016

Seth Lipsky

Feds Fund Scientists Who Protect The ‘Global Warming Paradigm,’ Says Report

August 24th, 2016

Daily Caller

Shocked? Hydro..heads you lose, tails you lose

August 24th, 2016

the Suburban

What else are you hiding?

August 24th, 2016

Michael Goodwin

Trump rally in

August 23rd, 2016


Mike Rowe exposes snobbery of antitrump journalists

August 23rd, 2016