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“Unprecedented Overreach”

A left-wing federal judge has once again blocked an executive order meant to safeguard our homeland security. Obama-appointed Judge Derrick Watson sided with arguments by the state of Hawaii, which said it was worried about losing Muslim tourists. This morning, a federal judge in Maryland also ruled against the president’s order.

American citizens losing their jobs to foreign workers with H-1B visas are told they have no virtually chance to challenge U.S. immigration law. Yet Muslim tourists somehow have more “standing” to challenge our laws and the president’s authority.

President Trump attacked Judge Watson’s ruling as an example of “unprecedented judicial overreach.” I’m sure the president wanted to say much more. But Trump restrained himself because some Republicans attacked the president when he criticized the “so-called judge” who struck down his first executive order.

The judges making these rulings do not deserve our respect. They are not upholding the judicial branch, they are undermining it. They are abusing their power. They are ignoring existing law and making up their own law.

President Trump’s reasoning is based on logic and common sense.

  • We are at war with radical Islamists.

  • Radical Islamists live predominately in Islamic countries.

  • Some of these Islamic countries are essentially failed states or they have governments that can’t or won’t cooperate in vetting.

  • The president issues an order temporarily limiting immigration from six countries known to be hotbeds of Islamic terrorism where vetting is virtually impossible.

  • The court looked at these facts and declared that the order is a “Muslim ban.”

    To refute the judge’s ludicrous assertion, the president would have to ban travel from Canada, Norway and India in order to convince the court that his order wasn’t a Muslim ban.

    If the media were fulfilling their role as watchdogs against the abuse of power, they would be calling out these robed radicals. But the media are only interested in thwarting conservatives when they are in power.

    Consider Yemen

    Today’s Washington Times has an analysis of the recent Navy SEAL raid in Yemen. Evidently, the SEALs were surprised that a house full of civilians was well-armed and that women fired at them.

    According to the Times, at least 25 “civilians” were killed in the raid, “showing how difficult it is to tell who is Al Qaeda in a country where the militants are mingled with tribes and are fighting on the same side as the government against the rebels.”

    If Navy SEALs can’t tell who the good guys and bad guys are, how is a State Department bureaucrat supposed to determine that the woman in front of him is telling the truth, has fake documents, is an Al Qaeda fighter, or harbors ill will against America? (Remember Tashfeen Malik?)

    Trump’s Budget

    The blueprint of President Trump’s first budget was released this morning, reflecting his priorities and the course he intends to chart for our nation. Earlier in the week, as the first details began to emerge, the “swamp” began to panic.

    A front page Washington Post headline blared, “Trump Budget Expected To Seek Historic Contraction Of Federal Workforce.”

    Following through on the president’s pledge to protect America and rebuild our military, Trump’s budget proposes:

  • A ten percent increase for the Defense Department.
  • A seven percent boost to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • A six percent increase for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    This spending is offset by major cuts to other bureaucracies, such as:

  • A 21% reduction in spending at the Departments of Agriculture and Labor.
  • A 29% cut to the State Department.
  • A 31% cut to the EPA, which would see 50 programs and more than 3,000 federal jobs eliminated.

    In addition, the president is proposing to eliminate federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

    The American people did not send a businessman to the White House to continue business as usual. After years of record debt and deficits, we must get government spending under control.

    Barack’s Blunder

    There was breaking news yesterday that two Russian FSB Center 18 security officials had been indicted for their alleged involvement in a massive hacking attack against Yahoo. The FSB is the Russian equivalent of the FBI and the successor to the Soviet KGB. Center 18 is the FSB’s cybercrime unit.

    (To be clear, these indictments had nothing to do with last year’s hacking of the Democrat National Committee.)

    Justice Department officials are also convinced that these Russian agents were not “rogue” officials acting alone. Other senior FSB officials were involved in this plot. Also indicted were two Russian cyber criminals.

    The Obama Administration had been cooperating with the FSB on cybersecurity measures. In fact, the Obama White House even invited the head of the FSB, who was under international sanctions at the time, to come to Washington two years ago.

    Steve Hall, a former CIA station chief in Moscow, said, “What this shows is that we’ve been had. Center 18 was the part of the FSB that was supposed to be working with us.”

    As one report explained, the Justice Department charges make it clear that “instead of working with the FBI and CIA to catch hackers, the FSB officers were actually working with hackers themselves.”

    But wait. . . There’s more!

    One of the indicted Russian security officials, Dmitry Dokuchaev, is currently in a Moscow jail charged with treason . . . for aiding the CIA! ”

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