Stop whining …and get a job or go do some real volunteer work to help those less fortunate.

Anarchists and wannabees

If they don’t believe they live in one of the best societies in the world maybe they should go to North Korea , Iran etc . where they’d be welcomed with open arms. People might begin to think there is a left wing industry always crying about how bad it is… with lawyers at the ready to sue whoever has the deepest pockets. Maybe some entity should be looking at Legal aid and who are  the  repeat offenders- using taxpayers money -who haven’t learned from their first brush with the law.They are usually given a chance , then proceed to abuse it by re-offending….and repeat the cycle.Where  is it written that they can cause damage, break the law  and get away with it? Obviously the pseudo anarchists haven’t visited hospitals where patients with serious maladies would have a real reason to complain..and usually don’t..The media also milk the stories for all it’s worth not realizing Joe Six pack has had enough with chronic complainers and their entourage.

Leo Knight “Now, I may be little slow, but, if they had black clothing, an anarchist book AND a lawyer’s phone number inked on their arm in case they got arrested, I suspect the police just might have, just maybe, in a pinch, thought they might be intent on committing an offence.”

John Robson

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