Cap and trade on front burner

…don’t these guys know how to use the internet

to find information?If they can”t why should they

be in charge of imposing more unwanted taxes on the great unwashed..and  even more jobs will head overseas.These people have tunnel vision.

Climate change policy is dead

Collapse of Chicago Climate Exchange

Lorrie Goldstein

Carbon markets are open to the kind of speculation and fraud that led to the global financial crisis of 2008. What’s more, they are not actually helping to combat global warming and climate change, either”

EU’s sanctimonious climate bluster

Abbott noted that Ross Garnaut’s report projected China’s annual emissions to increase by six billion tonnes by 2020. This would swamp the 50 million tonnes to be cut under Australia’s bipartisan 2020 target. The Opposition Leader didn’t mention Britain’s ambitious new emissions targets.

The Goreacle

$76 Trillion


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