Election 2011…On the Home Stretch……Election Prep

The lib friendly media will be pulling out all the stops for their home team in the last couple of  weeks. They’ll be reaching deep into their bag of garbage to try and pump up their favourite team. Their objectivity went out the Window years ago.

The BS about ethnic costumes that they have been promoting is the last gasps of a desperate media. They and everyone else knew that the Libs raised getting out the ethnic vote to a fine art form. So now that the Conservatives are beating them at their own game , they are flailing away but to no avail. In fact if the media looked a lot closer at those standing behind Harper, they’ll notice half of them are Ex Liberals. That’s why the media are in a race against time. The media elite also know they are no longer in the driver’s seat when it comes to manipulating the news stories because of social media and technology. In fact if the media corps want to regain their audience, maybe they better start ditching some of their hyper partisan pundits who don’t provide news but basically 24/ 7 ads for their Home Team.

This is your election , not the pundits. You win by volunteering, donating etc.Become poll clerks. ..to keep make sure there is no mischief making at the polls. You need to put in some prep time to know the rules. There are 30 seats in play that can go either way. The candidates need a lot of volunteers. 30 ridings  X 200 polls= 6000 volunteers …and that’s just the close races.Volunteer to call, pick up voters , put up signs, be a scrutineer on election Day. Volunteer when you have time, evenings or weekends. Every little bit helps and you’ll feel better on May 3.

If you don’t think it’s necessary…and the other guy will do it… think again. Think ACORN and their mischief making…leading up to election Day and on Election Day

Do you want a Coalition that will defer to the UN so they can run your life?…Global warming BS is nothing more than a tax and power grab. When they are in charge who do you complain to ???  

The only poll that counts is on Election Day, don’t be sucked in by the Lib Friendly media or any polls they are running- it’s all designed to throw you off focus …They are basically running a Pravda operation for the Libs.

Volunteer, get the vote out and forget the noise from the media…you’ll have to look long and hard to find some objective, non partisan voices these days.Keep plugging away and you’ll get the last laugh on May 3



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