Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Purcell ....Better BS needed

Mark Levin Show

"The bigger th government , the Smaller the Citizen"......Prager

The Libs to get tough on White Collar crime?? Surely you Jest.......

Weren't they the ones that underfunded and understaffed the RCMP during their recent 13 year reign? For those with short memories , white collar criminals had a field day during their tenure....little chance of getting caught and only a slap on the wrist if convicted.Pretty good odds and working conditions for those with nefarious intent. The investigators would work diligently for 3- 5 years obtaining evidence and winding their way through the Charter of Rights court system and if convicted , the culprit might spend a year at the Fed hotel. Pretty good odds in favor of the perpetrator. So the Libs are going to get tough on white collar crime...they had their chance and blew it.Anybody can BS the public but sooner or later it catches up with you.....Adscam

Victor Hanson-- What We Are Learning About the Era of Obama


Socialism's losing bet- Sultan Knish


"Regardless of the outcome of ObamaCare, if past behavior signals the future, the Obama administration's next big push will be to mute its most successful critics."

Throwing Darts at HR 3200- Obamacare - Day 3

Oil Sands........NP

John Bolton - as Iran continues on its Merry Way


Global warming......

Murtha update.........TNR

Krauthammer- "Cheney is winning CIA probe debate"

The first duty of a government is to protect its citizens....not leave them open for attack ...and not attacking those that are honorably tasked with defending them


Ralph Peters....


Trough was pretty deep......

Speeking of troughs the Fed Libs and their MSM cheerleaders can't wait to get back to it. The media need something to keep them busy or they'd have to actually work to get a good story.

They're making noises about a fall election...probably to send Ignatieff back to Harvard earlier than anticipated. They are either still too arrogant or tone deaf since most Canadians have zero interest in an election at this juncture...especially since we are just bottoming out of a severe recession and don't need the economy sidetracked by gale force hot air.

G & M...


Socialist City Hall.........of course every buck is spent on "important" things

Socialist City Hall.......no gang problem??... at least from the way they keep ducking the issue

Hey but they closed down legit gun clubs, so ..ipso facto.. no more crime???

How's that revolving door justice system coming along?

The sooner the local politicos address the real violent criminals, instead of making excuses, the sooner people will feel safer. No crime.? How is the alarm business these days?

Crime Beat

Obamacare- is the Bloom coming off the Rose?




Rangel update



John Hawkins- Rightosphere poll on Obamacare

"Diversity Czar Threatens Free Speech"....IBD