Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Bjorn Lomborg- Global Warming


"By 2011 the impact of this $266 million will be an average increase of 24.3% over two years on the delivery portion of every Ontarian’s hydro bill".

Scammers - Same M.O. just a different twist

John Hawkins at Right Online Conference

Surely They wouldn't have fraudulent elections in that bastion of Democracy?

Stacked Deck Town Hall........Newsbusters

Global Warming ......"At least the Times admits that cap-and-trade will cause energy prices to skyrocket — it is a tax, after all"...Planet Gore

Everything is a blitz and has to be rushed through..without reading , understanding or knowing the consequences....(especially the part where taxes, fees will skyrocket).....before the Great Unwashed catches on to the BS and their empty wallets.

Walid Phares- Hamas

Mark Steyn subs for Limbaugh today

Bill Whittle: The Resistance Steals Obama's Weapons.......PJTV

Newsbusters- Obama Jokester Poster found

"AARP losing thousands of members protesting group's Obamacare support "

Victor Hanson doesn't mince words in this interview about Obamacare

Global Warming

Pruden- Obamacare- No Buyers for Snake oil

Amir Taheri- Afghanistan

New Jersey- Test State


IBD- The Saudi Arabia of Shale

Fortune _Fastest Growing Companies- #! RIM

More on RIM