Monday, August 17, 2009

MSM- all the news that's fit to print ?? or making it up as they go along to help the home team

"Go to your local Whole Foods today and buy an apple."

Mark Levin Show

"Three Indicted in Largest Corporate Identity Theft Case in History"...FOXNEWS

ACORN update

Gallup Poll..........Conservative label Prevails

Michael Barone- Hope 'n Change

Palestinians are Flourishing.....unless they live in Gaza........WSJ

Interesting how the left wing media adore Democrat "consultants" but whine away when GOP strategists appear.Of course the MSM have no bias???

Rush Limbaugh Show

Bill Roggio......South Waziristan Taliban groups clash - report

Michael Yon's latest from Afghanistan

Milk Carton Politicians........HotAir

Global Warming-.... "A Tax on thin Air"........RCP

"The UK has imposed direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands after an inquiry found evidence of government corruption and incompetence." BBC

The paper of Record

Crime beat- Good thing the local politicos targetted legit gun clubs ...instead of the real perpetrators of violent crime???

Socialist City Hall.........raises during a $500 million deficit??


Jay Cost- Obama's been misreading his mandate

He Should Stay in Jail

Unprecedented Federal Borowing

Global Warming........cooling Off........IBD

"Four Democratic senators suggest it would be smart to drop cap-and-trade legislation this year. The Australian Senate has rejected that country's cap-and-trade bill. This is news we like to hear".

..and would bloat the bureaucracy