Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crime beat..........wonder what the soft on crime politicos think?

U.S. Drowning in Debt......NYDailyNews

MSM ...all the news that's fit to print, /slant...for the home team

"Only nine states have the costly rules that Obama wants to impose nationwide.".........WSJ

Mark Levin Show

Email from A Scam artist

Hello ,

How are you doing ,since i didn't receive any contact from you about
the Bank Draft of $780,000.00 United States Dollars I went and
deposit the Draft with TNT Courier Service , I travelled out of the
country for 3 Months Missionary Course and I will not come back till
end of November. I have received an email lately from the courier
service informing me that they could not locate the address you
have provided earlier for the delivery so they have been holding the
parcel. I have paid for the delivery charge and Insurance premium for
the safe delivery of the check and the demurrage charges is
$175.00USD which means you will be paying for only demurrage charges.
Do contact the TNT Courier Service in West Africa now for the
delivery of your draft so that you can reconfirm your Name,
address(s) and direct phone number to them again so that they can
carry out the delivery .The parcel registration number is TPG67654

TNT Courier Service Contact Person:
Mr. Gani Adams,
Tel: +234-706-380-6611

Do contact them as soon as possible for i will be out of both phone
and emails till i am back from my course and note the date in the
draft will soon expire so you have to get them to deliver it and
cash it before the validity ends.

Margaret Bako.


Dear Maggie:

We only accept cash.Please drop it off at 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa person

You can't make this up

Only 4 months left until all hell breaks loose??.. the only warming is their hot air......Remember Y2K? We're still here

City parties need more John Gomerys....Gazette

"And for months now, Montrealers have been hearing accusations of fraud, kickbacks, and special treatment over water meters, land sales, and even city-hall roof repairs. Although no serious wrongdoing has been proven, no fewer than five investigations have been launched".


What the health care Bill actually says- John David lewis.........Sweetness & Light

Obamacare- the Alinsky Plan

More here...

USA Today Fact Checks Obama's Town Hall........HotAir

Sultan Knish

“The Liberals have plateaued,”........G&M


Better fuel economy?



"The president shouldn’t worry about the protestors disrupting town hall meetings. He should worry about the Americans who have been sitting at home

listening to him".......WSJ

Iran- Ed Luttwak.............WSJ

Crime Beat- mean Streets

...but about 100% of the criminals using the guns are Canadian.How did they get that way...where they have reached a mind set that tells them it's OK to shoot someone?....Drugs /money..soft laws- revolving doors.The social engineers have had 30 years to "fix" the problem.They didn't...even though there is free education to steer young criminals away from a life of crime.The social engineers should know ,since they took sociology courses 30 years ago ,that a bell curve exists and while most people are the norm,there are extremes on the curve with a minority of people....who end up on the wrong side of the law. Since Utopia doesn't exist ,as much as the social engineers might wish that it did, it is incumbent to keep those prone to violence off the streets....for a considerable amount of time depending on the severity of the offense.

Peace is just around the Corner?

IBD- Obamacare

John Hawkins.....Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select The Most Respected People On The Right For 2009