Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hope and change.......and perpetual indebtedness

Iran's Election ........SkyNews

Please Remember this Man

Shooter's Ex wife" Racism ate him alive"

Training Wheels for new head of Government Motors

Congressional Motors ad for the 2012 Pelosi

Crime Beat

"Vancouver police Insp. Mike Porteous, who headed the investigation that lead to Sanghera’s arrest, noted prosecutors were successful in getting nearly all of the 25 accused in that case held on bail, which could be due, in part, to judges listening to residents' concerns about the recent shootings.

"I frankly think the bench has an ear to the public," Porteous said."

Some Benches are hard of hearing


"North Korea makes an estimated $500 million to $1 billion annually from criminal enterprises".

Twilight Zone............Miranda Rights for Terrorists

Mark Levin Show .. auto rewind for previous shows

"His book Liberty and Tyrrany has been #1 on the NY Times best seller list for 10 out of 11 weeks without the help of MSM.Apparently MSM haven't even bothered interviewing him why might that be?"

Ezra Levant on TVO's " The Agenda"

Iran......Mousavi: "I Sensed That the Future of This Country Was In Danger, Given the Current Administration"...MEMRI

FOXNEWS- "Holocaust Museum Shooting Suspect Reportedly Linked to White Supremacists"

Tea Parties

Victor Hanson .........PJM

Nazis Worse than you could believe..........Star

"Lisa Raitt's sins no worse than opponents".........Hebert

If every private conversation of every MP were overheard, Parliament would be vacant and dark.

If someone visits an office and forgets something, the obvious thing for the person they were visiting to do would be to try and track down that person or any person that was there that day. That's what a normal person would do, especially if there were a name on the item or if they knew the person visiting.

How FOXNEWS Opened America- Krauthammer


"The ONS provided a wealth of evidence to back its central claim that, between 1997 and 2007, total productivity in the public sector fell by 3.2 per cent – an annual average of 0.3 per cent."

Fortune- Debt Load

"A big chill has hit the trans-Atlantic atmosphere"......Ralph Peters

"The new ice age was also evident during Bam's stop in Germany. Walking or standing side by side, he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel looked like a couple going through a brutal divorce who got caught in the same elevator on the way to meet their lawyers."

From Gitmo to Fantasy Island?

"The international nuclear "watchdog," already without bark or bite, is now also blind — and is for all purposes dead."...IBD