Tuesday, March 10, 2009

--..............Singing Kumbaya

Canada's Economic Action Plan

Journalism in the Age of the Internet


Global Warming........check your local MSM for reports on the Heartland Institute Conference

Can't find any? ....and you wonder why the MSM is in trouble? What else don't they report?

"Science cannot be based on faith. It must be based on fact alone.”


"the IPCC is not about "science"; it is about "government"



Afghanistan Taliban leader was at Gitmo...../ "We are terrorists to the Bone".......AP

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Fear Mongering.................and most of the Public are wise to it......hence the Tea Parties sprouting up countrywide

Obama is in Trouble....and out comes Barney Frank with the Uptick rule

(prevents shorting stock on the way down...slows price decreases)

Mark Steyn

Crime beat- Laundering

Why the Founding Fathers would want Obama's Plans to Fail........Byron York

"Would you have tried to fix global warming after D-Day?"

Welcome to Thunderdome - "Responsible Stimulus" AmThinker

Rush Limbaugh

It's the Economy, Stupid.-the Wealth Destruction, banking, lending , jobs..

....not an orgasmic wish list including the Kitchen sink, nor "Stimulus" that doesn't come into effect for 2 years.Instead of talking the economy down or telling people not to travel( negatively affecting Hotel workers), maybe they should just keep quiet instead of running around like chickens without their heads.

"Global warming? Think again, folks"

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Local hero will return on the Highway of Heroes Tomorrow- Warmington

Amir Taheri- Iran


In our system, elected officials are to make public policy at the consent of the governed. They are not entitled under the Constitution to transform, fundamentally or otherwise, the course of the U.S. Nor do they have the authority to replace our freedom-based system with a central-planning regime that reorders and arranges everyone's lives based on their vision of utopia.