Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ignoring our constitutional tradition....................Michael Bliss

74 per cent of Canadians voted against Stephane Dion and the Liberals

Additional Reports on Rally for Canada at Blogging Tories

Ezra Levant

Global Warming

"In the current global-warming lobby, Mr. Horner points out that leftists who want ever bigger government with hypertaxation and microregulation of every aspect of our lives find common cause with large companies that stand to make a bundle if alternative energy forms are mandated and/or one of the carbon-fuel-rationing schemes is adopted."

(e.g. -the coffeee lid caper)

Mark Steyn

Winnipeg rally................................Too Young to be Right

Calgary Rally.........Right from Alberta

Ottawa Clear Conservative

Kitchener Rally for Canada........Blue Like You

While Taliban Jack can muster the unions for a Rally at the drop of a hat, ( they have plenty of practice) for individual Canadians to make it to a rally in ones and two's is highly significant because they are usually the silent majority .... but thanks to the Three Stooges trying to undo a bone fide Election just 6 weeks earlier, they awoke the sleeping giant.They understand the ramifications of the past week. While the economy is slowing and people are beginning to find things difficult, the 3 Stooges felt it was an opportune time for them to try and grab power for their personal interests rather than act in the best interests of all Canadians by tackling the economic problems.Slowly but surely people are beginning to wake up.

Manley says Liberals should replace Dion

His plan was to implement a carbon tax on Canadians during the last Election. This was rejected by Canadians but apparently it didn't faze him and so he joined the other 2 Stooges to try an end run just 6 weeks after the Election.The fact he jumped into bed with the Bloc also didn't faze him- so much for Principles.He can huff and puff , but there appears to be a problem with his judgement.

The zealots would like to impose further restrictions on the lives of Canadians and market it for the "Good of the children".If the geniuses in the financial markets with all their computers and algorithms couldn't predict a financial meltdown within 6 months, why should we believe the global warming gurus who project 50- 75 years out?? The latest financial grab......

Looks like the Sanitation Dept already cleaned up Aisle 3

Rally for Canada

Auto Bailout on the Way...........Bloomberg

Auto makers and unions will have to make concessions but hope that Politicians don't try to micromanage the market.....i.e If the market demands a thoroughbred, political interference shouldn't end up producing a camel.

While the 3 Stooges Fiddled..........................

The last thing Canadians needed was egotistical politicians vying for control for crass political opportunism....the public be damned.While seniors' RRIF's and incomes were shot to hell,the economy is slowing, sales are down.... Taliban Jack thought it was a good time to make his move....and complicate matters further.Who's going to bail out seniors? The Socialist hordes think that if they could just get their hands on the Public Treasury, they could spend your money better than you can.

The Week in Review.......................Gary Clement

Michael Coren........................The Three Stooges

"People who have never voted Conservative in their lives are promising to support the Tories and diehard Liberals are abandoning their party because they see all this as a battle between the interests of the country and the ambitions of politicians. There is tangible resentment out there and it proves once again how the elitists of the left simply do not understand the greatness and resolve of the Canadian people".