Friday, November 14, 2008

Hacker accesses 344,000 dental patient records

Our Slogan 'Down With The U.S.' Still Echoes.......MEMRI

Six Ohio state agencies now accused of snooping on Joe the Plumber....HotAir

Auto Bailout......................Bloomberg

Sarah Palin energized the Base PJM

Youth violence Report.......Yada yada yada $200 million for mental health yada yyada yada $200 million......

This situation has been escalating for 20 years ,not one year. The number of gun calls have increased in the past 20 years. Years ago there used to be Vice Principals that dealt effectively with discipline problems. Today teachers are afraid of the gangs.Plenty of them look the other way for obvious reasons.

They have no respect for their parents, teachers or each other.So already knowing that there are hundreds of reports on youth crime, they came up with another dust collector that is supposed to spend $200 million on mental health issues.Yet they don't want to acknowledge that there is a multi billion drug trade going on which is at the heart of the problem.When you coddle violent offenders who accept no responsibility in society, you just mask the problem. If they were going to make good use of $200 million, they'd be better plowing it into Boy Scouts , Girl Guides, Big Brothers and Sisters etc and make sure the schools stayed open until their parents got home.But another day, another report to buy time.

Meanwhile the victims get no respect by politicians that keep making excuses for violent behaviour.

..and these are only a handful of reports, out of thousands on the subject, so it wasn't necessary to re invent the wheel.

Iraq - We Won..............Mudville Gazette

Funds of funds were supposed to be the safe choice for wealthy investors and big institutions. But they were leveraged beyond the max" ...Businessweek

Tossing his hat in the Liberal Leadership ring.......Smalldeadanimals

Newspapers Censor Their Way to Oblivion

Global Warming

Seniors have a RRIF emergency this year...........Chevreau

"This month, CARP, which lobbies for Canadians ages 45 years and up, asked for a two-year moratorium on forced RRIF withdrawals. It raised the issue of seniors being forced to sell stocks at a loss this year, while the annual percentage withdrawal (7% and rising with age) must be calculated based on pre-crash portfolio values last January.

As Susan Eng, CARP's vice-president of advocacy, said in an interview, the association views the situation as an "absolute emergency."

With their portfolios decimated by 30-40% and having to take out an additional 10% from a depleted nest egg, they'll run out of money a lot sooner. This should be addressed in the next 2 weeks . There's no way they can recoup this money at their age.

Crime beat- Youth Violence- While they're trying to figure out the social engineering aspects, violent criminals should be kept out of circulation

G-2 0 ......................WSJ

Krauthammer on the Bailout

Post fesses up to Obama bias after the fact...Larry Elder

Paul Palango....Dispersing the Fog......Remember Cpl Robert Read and Brian McAdam?.......National Post

Second Excerpt....

Global Warming-...............Bjorn Lomborg