Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elizabeth May................Smalldeadanimals

Crime beat- ....Mexico.....Economist

Gateway Pundit.......but it was supposed to be a cakewalk for the Democrats........but then McCain made a bold decision...having Palin run as his VP

George Jonas

"International bodies like the ICC, independent of the UN Security Council, with jurisdiction to enforce and adjudicate criminal matters in any country, would be a coercive force of considerable significance, especially if it were able to call upon the military of member states. Through such courts, UN functionaries and "progressive" academics could have more say in world affairs than the elected representatives of major powers, to say nothing of minor powers."

Party of Defeat

Pre- Emptive scare mongering at the Star?

If there were a majority , that would mean that the majority of Canadians don't necessarily agree with the Media who have tried to manipulate public opinion against a decent man.( compare the favorable news/ opinion stories for Harper against the negative stories- the public are smart enough to read between the lines to know the slant)

Just because the media have the prime real estate doesn't mean they have a monopoly on common sense or decency. In fact if the media had been fair/ balanced maybe Adscam wouldn't have occurred or if they blew the whistle soon enough, the Liberals would have been sent to the penalty box a lot sooner.

Maybe if there were a majority, Gagliano wouldn't have gotten a $500,000 loan and farmers who have been more deserving would have got the loan instead. That's what a majority would mean.

Palin's Interview heavily edited

Green Shaft........Hands in your pockets

"The moral authority and simplicity of an across-the-board carbon tax have been gravely damaged by the Liberals' obsession with taking more money from Canadians and distributing it as they see fit. As a small marginal exercise in an ordinary budget this practice is bad enough. On this scale, with the whole of our economy at stake, this unnecessary tinkering makes this carbon-tax idea awfully risky."

Maybe they'd have so much more taxes rolling in , that applicants like Gagliano could get a million dollar loan instead of a piddling $500,000.

Political Staples covering the Election

Brendan Loy covering Hurricane Ike

Blogging Hurricane Ike...................Michelle Malkin

Obama's Campaign gaffe.....showing their expertise...They said they were going personal and they did

"Liberals have yet to take flight"

Glenn ( Instapundit) Reynolds has some good advice for Candidates on the Campaign Trail

Salim Mansur

Crime beat-.....Police in Schools

"In fact, I believe if this model had been in place across the city for the past 20 years we would not have the same degree of gun and gang violence today. Sadly, many years ago the unit was axed by another group of politicians and appointments, the Toronto Police Services Board. But I digress....."

Too bad they didn't bother scrutinizing Obama .......puff balls by an adoring MSM fan club

Palin improving GOP polls down the line