Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crime beat.........Gangs

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Ed Koch

"As part of their master plan, the jihadists intend to bring the West to its knees, and to replace moderate Arab regimes, e.g., Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and Turkey, with Islamic republics, ultimately to become part of the reborn caliphate.

For most of Osama bin Laden's career, the destruction of Israel was not a priority. However, this has now changed as the jihadists believe that Western countries have grown weary of unending war and may be convinced to offer Israel up as a sacrificial lamb. "

Global Warming.................. Grant process

J.R. Dunn......................AmThinker

"Al Gore's global warming is a perfect example, a long-term program designed to push several separate agendas -- political control, economic centralization, and the Green worldview -- under the umbrella of "saving the planet". In environmentalism alone we have had endless campaigns of this type, involving electromagnetic fields, Alar, dioxins, PCBs, acid rain, global cooling, and overpopulation all the way back to the Ur-campaign attacking DDT. The same process can be found in any field in which the left is active, including foreign policy, health care, the economy, law, race relations, and onward.........".

A "Lost Boy " finds his way

"Upon receiving his college diploma on April 26, Peter Kuch felt many of the emotions new college graduates feel: joy, pride and hope for a bright future. But for Mr. Kuch, who graduated from Bryant & Stratton College in Syracuse, N.Y., the day meant much more. It was, in his words, "truly historic."

That's because Mr. Kuch's graduation marked 25 years — to the day — since a day that foreshadowed a future devoid of all joy, pride and hope for him, his family and countrymen.."...

Chronicle Herald

"Canadians heard a long time ago, at least as long ago as 1990, that they are not free to speak their minds as they see fit. 1990 was the year the Supreme Court of Canada ruled constitutional Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act."

Amir Taheri..........Obama/ Iran

"BUOYED by their modest electoral success last month, critics of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's provocative foreign policy were preparing to launch a series of attacks on him in the Islamic Majlis, Iran's ersatz parliament. But then Ahmadinejad got an unexpected boost from Barack Obama."....

Sen. Joe Lieberman..............Democrats and our enemies...............WSJ

"Missing the Point on School Safety"

Fraser Institute: Canada Becoming Haven for Would Be Terrorists While Politicians Look the Other Way in Search of Votes


The Federal Trade Commission today, in cooperation with more than 30 international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, announced the largest telemarketing fraud sweep ever coordinated by the agency..........

Why suck up to the U.N.? Jonathan Kay

Walt Williams

"Congress' solution to our energy supply problems is not to relax supply restrictions but to enact the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 that mandates that oil companies mix more ethanol with their gasoline. Anyone with an ounce of brains would have realized that diverting crops from food to fuel use would raise the prices of a host of corn-related foods, such as corn-fed meat and dairy products."