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Victor Hanson


Bill Whittle - global warming

"So rather than discuss the pros and cons of Global Warming, I want to address what I have learned concerning the obligation of scientists in a democracy and how we as a culture had better learn to deal with science as a factory to produce data, not policy...and how both lay people, and especially politicians, have an obligation to understand the essentials of the scientific method, and most importantly, to learn to respect the limits of what it can and cannot tell us. Taught effectively, that would be a lesson all of us at good old Midvale could use. "


The coming Dem military funding cutbacks..............via Powerline


StrategyPage- Thailand

"The army and police admit they are facing a new enemy in the south. In the past, there were sometimes Moslem separatists groups in the south that got violent. But these outfits, which still exist, wanted to negotiate. So there was someone to talk to. The current group of terrorists take their cues from al Qaeda."


Crime beat- gangs- pdf

"When I testified before you previously I cited the 2002 National Youth Gang Survey, published by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention of the Department of Justice which then estimated that there were approximately 731,500 gang members and 21,500 gangs were active in the United States in 2002.

That same report for 2004 (published in 2006) indicates that the number of gang members had grown to 760,000 and there were 24,000 gangs; increases of 4% and 12% respectively in a 2 year period. Please remember that this report is three years old and we can only expect that the next will show a comparable or even greater increase.".........


Royal Navy- Tehran's plans


Global warming- a pig in a poke when it comes to costs and jobs??...........Brussels Journal

"The new EU commitments are even less likely to ever be achieved than the Kyoto ones, but the madness of the whole process is best illustrated by the fact that politicians have adopted these commitments without seeming to have a clue as to what the cost will be. Only Dirk Kurbjuweit in Der Spiegel has reported the embarrassing moment, when an intrepid reporter had dared to ask German finance minister Steinbrück at a press conference of his boss and acting EU president, Angela Merkel, what the total cost would be of these new greenhouse measures:

Steinbrück -- whose own personal climate runs the gamut from ice age to overheated -- first turned ashen before being unable to suppress a grin. Steinbrück's body language seemed to be saying: It's going to cost us a heap of money, but don't believe for a minute that I would be stupid enough to say as much. Merkel jumped to his support by offering an evasive answer to the question: Don't worry, it'll all work out."


Global warming- cutting back on pollution is one thing, sleight of hand shell games with carbon financing is another

"Few in Congress deny that the earth is getting warmer or that man is at least partly to blame. But few can agree what to do about it, either. One obstacle is cost. Though Mr Gore denies it, freezing CO2 emissions straight away would be ferociously expensive. That worries both parties. One Republican congressman fretted that Mr Gore's plan would mean no new industry, no new cars and no new people in America. John Dingell, a Democrat from the Detroit suburbs, lamented the rows of empty houses he sees in the city since the American car industry fell on hard times.

Another obstacle is inertia. If Congress were creating a tax code from scratch, it might well discourage pollution rather than work, as Mr Gore demands. But since it is not starting from scratch, such a big change will hurt a lot of people now in pursuit of benefits a generation hence.

A third obstacle is that many in Congress are reluctant to make big sacrifices if China and India do not also sign up to them, which neither wants to. Mr Gore says it is up to America to show leadership.....

But still, only 7% of Americans think the environment or global warming should be the government's priority.

It's always easy to tell everyone else what to do , especially when your job is not at stake and when you might have a vested interest on any financial outcome .People that are honest would tell you what the cost would be first, not later when it's too late to make an informed decision


How liberals think................via AmericanThinker


Captainsquartersblog- .......on...Blog Talk Radio


Stephen Taylor............(the Liberals were so concerned about the Canadian military that they underfunded them by about $20 billion)

(Under the Taliban, the Afghan people had virtually no human rights- ask the women)


Hansard - Oral Questions- March 22,2007

Hon. Ken Dryden (York Centre, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is the great divider. For him it is all about politics: create the wedge, then divide. On Afghanistan, he decides who is patriotic and who is not.

For aboriginals, the poor, the less educated, he decides who will get a chance.

Yesterday, he decided that it was not possible to support our troops in Afghanistan and to support the basic human rights of all peoples. It is one of the reasons we are there.

A prime minister is a connector, not a divider.

When will the Prime Minister start to act like a prime minister?

[Table of Contents]

Hon. Peter Van Loan (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, Canadians are united when they are proud of our troops serving overseas. Canadians are united when they see a Canadian government standing up for human rights in China, which did not happen under the previous government. Canadians are proud of a government that has, as its cornerstone to its foreign policy, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. It is a commitment people will see from this government that they never saw from the Liberals.....

Mr. Mark Holland (Ajax—Pickering, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, the RCMP was given new details last night of former MP Jim Hart's departure to make way for the Public Safety Minister.

In a just obtained fax dated August 22, 2000, Mr. Hart states:

—I took this step of resigning in good faith. I could have remained in office until the general election, finished my term and not experienced these losses [of pension, salary, et cetera]. My resignation was contingent upon this negotiation.

Such a buyout would be illegal and represents a serious violation of public trust.

My question is for the Public Safety Minister. Is this how he got his seat in the House of Commons?

The Speaker:
I see the Minister of Public Safety is rising to answer the question. I am not sure this question has to do with the administration of the Government of Canada, but if he wishes to say something in response, we will hear him.

Hon. Stockwell Day (Minister of Public Safety, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I was hoping you would rule that way. The last time the Liberals tried this drive-by smear, the RCMP concluded, and I quote from its conclusions, “No criminal offence had been committed”.

I sincerely feel badly for the member for Ajax—Pickering. His previous missteps, which have embarrassed his party, has obviously put him on the low rung of the totem pole with the Liberals. He is now in charge of drive-by smears.

The only problem with drive-by smears is that innocent people get hurt. Mr. Hart is being hurt in this process. In every conversation I had with Mr. Hart from the time I knew him, he has only been honourable about this. He deserves an apology.

Mr. Mark Holland (Ajax—Pickering, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, this side of the House will not take lessons on drive-by smears. There are facts in this case--

The Speaker:
Order, please. The hon. member for Ajax—Pickering has the floor. We cannot hear him.

Mr. Mark Holland:
Mr. Speaker, these revelations are new and explicit. They detail not just potential criminal buy-out, but the source of those funds might well have come from the then leader's office and that a fraudulent contract was created, using public money, to illegally pave the way for the public safety minister to become a member of the House.

Given the gravity of these allegations and the clear nature of the documents presented, will the Minister of Public Safety, the minister responsible for Canada's national police force, do the prudent thing and step down until the RCMP is finished its investigation?

Hon. Peter Van Loan (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, there is absolutely nothing new here. The RCMP investigated this matter. It looked into all the things, which the member for Ajax—Pickering has alleged, and concluded that there was no wrongdoing.

I do not know what other RCMP investigations he wants reopened, perhaps into the income trust scandal or perhaps into Shawinigate. Perhaps Nancy Drew over there could put himself to good work for the taxpayers of Canada and find out where that missing $40 million from the Liberal sponsorship scandal went.


Hansard excerpts- Oral Questions -Mar.23,2007

Mr. Omar Alghabra (Mississauga—Erindale, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, it is the public safety minister's job to ensure the integrity and independence of the RCMP.

Serious allegations have surfaced that when the minister was leader of the opposition his officials appeared to have designed an illegal buy-out to pave the way for the minister to run in a safe riding.

Because these allegations lead directly to the minister and suggest he may have known in advance of the scheme, will he do the prudent thing and step aside while the RCMP looks into this serious matter?

Hon. Peter Van Loan (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I believe the RCMP dealt with that matter many years ago. It is an old matter.

Perhaps while the opposition is concerned about these kinds of issues I could read this to the House:

“Ontario Grits paid candidate to step aside: $25,000 deal set up by MP after McGuinty ousted contestant”

Ontario Liberals paid $25,000 in compensation to nomination contestant David Merner after Premier Dalton McGuinty anointed Madeleine Meilleur as the provincial party's candidate in Ottawa-Vanier in 2003. According to Mr. Merner, the man who brokered the deal was a federal Liberal cabinet minister, the MP for the federal riding of Ottawa-Vanier.

Perhaps the hon. member would like to ask for his resignation today.

Mr. Omar Alghabra (Mississauga—Erindale, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, I know why the minister is sensitive about this issue, but this is a serious matter and the minister must acknowledge its seriousness.

The only way to ensure that the RCMP is able to investigate this new evidence that has come forward is for its boss to step aside. If he believes in accountability, he must also practise it.

Will the minister step aside and remove any possible conflict of interest?

Hon. Peter Van Loan (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I notice that the hon. member did not give any response to our suggestion that if an apple is an apple perhaps he should ask the Liberal member for Ottawa—Vanier to resign. Apparently, they are two different tests, two different standards. That is the way it has always been for the Liberal Party.

We do not work that way. This is an old news story. It was investigated and dealt with by the RCMP. Perhaps he could talk to the member for Ottawa—Vanier about what he did.


"The late Abe Rosenthal's standard for journalists: I don't care whether my colleagues sleep with elephants, so long as they don't cover the circus."

"This wasn't done to blend news and opinion. Instead, the broadening of the editorial board was intended to make the process of arriving at editorial decisions as public as possible — to create transparency, as we now say. If you were an editorial writer proposing a piece for the next day's paper, you had to sit across a conference table from the editor and the publisher and the paper's senior most news editors and defend not only the argument you intended to make but also its factual basis. It was a rigorous, often bracing experience.

The animating principle was a sense that the editorial pages were the place where The Times most directly expressed its conscience as an institution, something exercised as a public trust. Whatever readers thought of the editorials' conclusions, it was regarded as essential that readers believed those conclusions were reached honestly and dispassionately.

Unfortunately, the system that assured this has been whittled away over the years, and recently the editorial pages were placed directly and solely under the publisher's supervision."


Bill Roggio-.........AQ's sanctuary


What happened to the windfall from the increase in property assessments? Meanwhile potholes and graffiti everywhere

Federal budget........the porridge was neither too hot nor too cold........just about right


Michael Coren


Crime beat- evil is out there................some politicians still prefer the hug a thug concept at the expense of Canadian victims


Global warming- ............Moron offsets


Hot Air:Planet saved: Cow belch miracle cure set to debut


Crime beat..........."McAfee, Inc. Reports on New Generation of Cybercriminals"


"As far as party ideals go, using our troops as a bargaining chip for pork really descends to the basement. "

"The bill ended up costing $124 billion, $22 billion more than President Bush requested. How's that for Democrats' pledge to be fiscally responsible? Consider it a 20% tip for services rendered by those in Congress who forgot their once-solid scruples and sold out."

Too bad that, in their hell bent zeal to "get Bush", they don't understand the concept of the strong horse in that part of the world.By showing weakness , they embolden the enemy with all the consequences that might follow.


The same day that Al Gore lectured Congress about man-made global warming, NASA made a startling announcement: The sun is hotter and more active than

"than thought.

'If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor,' Gore intoned. 'If the doctor says you need to intervene, you take action.'

Yes, action such as 'completely eliminating the internal combustion engine' and riding bicycles, taxing factories into bankruptcy and building windmills. In short, creating a 'carbon-free economy' and impoverishing everyone in the process."


Salm Mansur "The integrity of science, however, rests on scientists (recall Galileo) who are neither intimidated by politics nor seduced .

by public popularity...

The good thing about Al Gore under the spotlight is that the public is beginning to notice that the debate on climate change and human activity as primary cause of global warming is unsettled.

The public, being generally wary of politicians, needs to question those who will impose a policy based on claims of science when scientists cannot predict in advance, for instance, how many hurricanes will strike in a given year -- a year that would be music to the ears of the insurance industry."

Played golf a few years ago with some people from the meteorology office. Tee off time was 1:00pm . At 2:00 pm all hell broke loose with a severe thunderstorm. Why didn't they warn us this was coming so we could have postponed for another day- supposedly they had the inside track on the weather- a friend in the "business"....

Answer: "We didn't realize the wind was going to shift" So if they couldn't accurately predict something 2 hours away , how accurate will their 50 year forecasts be??? Just asking........