Thursday, January 18, 2007

Iran ready to install 3000 centrifuges

The greatest medical breakthrough since 1840.........

Reuters quietly fired editor............LGF

Amir Taheri- Why did Ahmadinejad visit Latin America?

Where is Our Churchill?Will the Next Attack Get Our Attention?.....American Thinker

"If we wake up one morning to find that one of our great cities is a smoking ruin or that our children are dying by the million from some mysterious disease, the odds are that America's contempt for its leaders of both parties will know no bounds.

What then?

Something similar happened to Britain at the outset of World War II when the people woke up to discover that their leaders had blundered into a war which they were utterly unprepared to fight. Most of Britain's leaders were thoroughly discredited by the events leading up to the war, but there was one important exception. Winston Churchill had spent a decade warning that war was coming and urging his country to head it off or, failing that, to be ready. When war came, he was the logical person to lead the government."

Winning in Iraq

What goes up- fast comes down very, very slow

Oil is about $50/barrel

Mark Levin

First things first. The Fourth Amendment has no application where the government, during war, is intercepting enemy communications and the purpose is to prevent attacks on the United States by foreign enemies. That's what the Constitution provides, that's what the relevant circuit court decisions have held, and that's what our history demonstrates. The president's constitutional authority cannot be trumped by statute — or by the other branches. If FISA limits that authority, as some suggest, then it is unconstitutional. If Congress insists that the president comply with FISA in contravention of his constitutional authority, then Congress demands that the president violate the Constitution.

Levin doesn't suffer fools gladly on his radio show

Crime beat- Counterfeiting is a $20 billion business

MEMRI_ Hezbollah is an integral part of Iranian intelligence

Rush on global warming

Rush Limbaugh- 7000 deaths and no hearings?

Kenneth Timmerman- Syria/Iran

How the UN undermines Israel and the West.....

Alleged terrorists...........

"A group of young Toronto men were planning to harbour two Americans accused of terrorist activity and protect them by setting up an armed "Chechnya style resistance" in northern Ontario against law enforcement officials, a police informant who infiltrated the alleged local extremist cell said in a CBC news program."

Crime beat-forgeries

Earl McRae- supporting the troops and their families

Global warming- ice in Malibu


UN-der a darkening cloud

Crime beat- ID Theft- the hackers are still busy

"Both breaches happened in December 2006, according to the companies. While MoneyGram estimated that up to 79,000 customers may have been affected, TJX declined to mention the scope of its breach, but said that the unauthorized intruder accessed TJX's computer systems for its T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and A.J. Wright stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and its Winners and HomeSense stores in Canada."