Saturday, May 05, 2007

Air India-Plenty of Questions- waiting 22 years? any responsible person that came in contact with specific credible info probably wouldn't have

sloughed it off but instead followed it up- bureaucratic mind set?- I passed it off now it's out of my hands?There are plenty of RCMP whistleblowers that risked their careers trying to make sure the right thing was done.If something is so important then sometimes people have to risk their careers to "blow the whistle" especially if an attack is imminent. What follow up was there after passing on the info. A Pro would be following up shortly after info was passed on to see what progress was being made.

Why wasn't the info followed up immediately unless it wasn't specific enough or there was incompetence? It's one thing to know there was a plot , it's another to know the exact details, time, place target, suspects , method. There were plenty that knew something "big" was coming up prior to 9/11- however they didn't know the time or place.It would be interesting to know if there was a general or specific alert prior to Air India but with competent people around , certain things should have been done.

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