Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Walid Phares-Lebanon-Were the U.S. election results a green light to embolden certain entities?

"Hezbollah and the Syrian-Iranian axis have considered the last legislative elections in the US and the formation of the Baker Commission as a signal to wage terror campaigns to crumble the political process in Iraq and the cabinet in Lebanon. This week, secretary general of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah and his allies were preparing to wage an urban uprising against the Government. But the supporters of the Cedars Revolution said they will take the streets again."

The blogosphere belongs to the blogosphere...........................via Instapundit.com

Newsbusters -Murtha and the media

"In the final analysis, the networks pulled out this historical chestnut only when it became unavoidable, and certainly not while it might help dreaded Republicans in the midterms. The question they’ve yet to ask, however, is this: What right does Speaker Pelosi have to denounce the GOP “culture of corruption” when she tries to appoint, as the second most powerful leader in the House, and her top lieutenant, a clearly corruptible man?"

Mark Finkelstein's Iraq trip

Caroline Glick

UN Commissioner refuses to meet captives' families

Daniel Pipes- peace treaties in name only

Election voter fraud update.........................via Instapundit.com

"Checking the oldest 200,000 voters, I find over 7,000 people who are deceased. This doesn't include the voters who had birthdates from the 1800s or 01/01/01. Checking for voters who might have two registrations in the state, I find over 5,600. Why doesn't this alarm other people? Why doesn't the state election commission push for a state-wide voter database?"

Crime beat

Hezbollah got $300 million from Iran

Arbour's Mideast trip-According to this faulty logic, Israel has the right to defend itself, but must never exercise that right.

Lebanese industry minister assassinated- a real who dunit........who benefited?


Iraq timetable.......

"After the defeat of Nazi Germany, General Lucius D. Clay, the U.S. Military Governor in occupied Germany, proposed a timetable of his own: "We should remain fifty years," he said, adding that if the Europeans believed we would, "we probably would finish the job in five." There's an idea for today's Democrats. How about penciling 2056 into their calendars?"

MEMRI - Lebanon

James Wilson-....City Journal.....the patriot reporter is passe

"Between January 1 and September 30, 2005, nearly 1,400 stories appeared on the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news. More than half focused on the costs and problems of the war, four times as many as those that discussed the successes. About 40 percent of the stories reported terrorist attacks; scarcely any reported the triumphs of American soldiers and marines. The few positive stories about progress in Iraq were just a small fraction of all the broadcasts"

PM Harper and human rights........

Too bad the media intelligentsia didn't live in a country where human rights were curtailed. Then they might have a different view of human rights as more than just a couple of words .They seem to take their freedoms for granted while others suffer.However their agenda seems to knock Harper at every opportunity,no matter the issue.To believe that they are objective and fair is to believe in the tooth fairy.

As long as the government employees are doing the inspections

Crime beat- whistle blowers

Liberal elites

"Globe and Mail Ottawa columnist John Ibbitson has helped to answer those questions in a remarkably blunt column last Friday. Headlined "Bob Rae and the China syndrome" Ibbitson said the fears of many westerners (and other conservatives) that Canada is run by an eastern liberal elite are valid.

This is, he said: "A governing class of senior public servants, academics, artists, journalists, lawyers and judges (that) belongs to a community of common interest physically and intellectually centred in downtown Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa."

Peter Worthington ....the Dean visit..............

"What can they be thinking of?

I mean, they aren't nuts -- at least not all of them -- so why would the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada choose the chairman of the U.S. Democratic National Committee to kick off the convention to choose (they hope) our next prime minister? "

Lorrie Goldstein- Howard Dean's visit...............

Melanie Phillips-Is Britain lost?

"How did the Mets do today?"

Investors Business Daily- Iraq

"As the Democrats articulate their plan for Iraq, they need to ponder why evil men are hailing their anti-war talking points".

"The Democrats may not as yet have a real plan to fix Iraq, but al-Muhajir is brimming with ideas: Al Qaeda is grooming a caliph to do war against the heretical Persians, turn the Mediterranean into an Islamic lake, kill more American soldiers, and generally win the war on terror for the side of the bad guys."

Stephen Taylor-...... those pro American Liberals and their anti American media pals