Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Melanie Phillips- The war within the West

"No mention of the fact that Israelis are being rocketed almost every day from Hamastan, or that they have amassed a fearsome armoury in Gaza of rocket launchers, missiles, ammunition and all the appurtenances of an professional war. No mention of the fact that the Palestinians are now being trained by Iran, all the better to finish Israel off. No acknowledgement at all of the fact that Israel is under attack by enemies sworn to annihilate it, and that its attacks on Gaza are part of a war of self-defence – and that tragic mistakes almost inevitably occur even in just wars. Yes, Avigdor Lieberman has repellent views and his presence in Israel’s government is a blot on that country (and also testimony to its suicidally dysfunctional form of democracy, which forces prime ministers to depend on cranks and misfits for their survival). But his views are not endorsed by that government.

And if we’re talking actual ethnic cleansing, how about the persecution of the Christians in Bethlehem, who have been driven out by Muslim aggression? How about the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries where they had lived for centuries before they were forced to flee to Israel? How about those passionate advocates of the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the face of the earth, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hassan Nasrallah and Ismail Haniya? "


Stephen Taylor- Media bias........more like Liberal media bias

Peace in our time..........

Steve Emerson-Compelling Wire Taps and Documents Introduced at Chicago Hamas Trial

69 convictions?-- and the revolving doors keep spinning

Program note- Wednesday Glenn Beck Show- 7 & 9pm ET -The Extremist agenda


Rush Limbaugh endorses Jack Murtha........

"This is his time and now his own party is trying to savage him, not because they're worried about him, but because they're worried about themselves. Well, they're saying he was almost a crook, but, see, the difference is, it was okay to be a crook before the election but it's not okay to be a crook after the election when you want to be in the Senate Democrat leadership. This man, Jack Murtha, held out as some kind of icon on all of the Sunday shows without a whiff of comment about any of these scandals, the Abscam scandal, the earmarks, the funny money back and forth with his family and lobbyists and so forth. That's because Murtha was useful to them during the campaign."

More BS at UN

"Editor's Note
In a direct challenge to free societies everywhere, a report from the UN-sponsored Alliance of Civilizations (an oxymoron if there ever was one) was released this week. What do the members of the "high level group" who drafted the report, such as former Iranian President Khatami, have to say about the needs of civilization? Khatami's expertise on the subject presumably comes from his reign as president of the leading state sponsor of terrorism. His personal presidential experience, for instance, includes the pursuit of nuclear weapons, the biggest crackdown on the Iranian media since the Iranian revolution, and rounding up and imprisoning Jews on trumped-up charges of spying.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the report's recommendations begin with the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" and the claim that this is the leading situation on earth today that "colors cross-cultural and political relations among...faiths." And why the conflict? "Israel's continuing occupation of Palestinian and other Arab territories and the unresolved status of Jerusalem...are primary causes of resentment and anger in the Muslim world toward Western nations." Not, mind you, the rejection of the mere existence of a Jewish state by its Muslim and Arab neighbors for over half a century. In other words, their recipe for improving cross-cultural and political relations is to fix the Jewish problem.

Another day, another UN report, irrelevant for anyone seriously interested in tolerance and co-existence.


Canada won't appease China on human rights

"Canada won't "sell out" on human rights to promote trade and investment with China, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

"I think Canadians want us to promote our trade relations worldwide, and we do that, but I don't think Canadians want us to sell out important Canadian values -- our belief in democracy, freedom, human rights,'' Harper told reporters during a Wednesday stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. "They don't want us to sell that out to the almighty dollar.''

"There's always a balance to these things,'' he said."


Weekly Standard- The man who inspired a generation of terrorists

Claudia Rosett- The Courtier to Annan

Female suicide bombers........

"But one must not forget that behind the bombing lies a well-organized terrorist infrastructure. It is mostly men who govern this infrastructure and give the green light to any lethal mission. Women are rarely involved in the higher echelons of the decision-making process of these groups. Women may volunteer, or, as occurred in the past, women might be coerced to conduct a murderous strike, but the woman's role is ultimately dictated by the patriarchal hierarchy that rules Palestinian society and its terrorist groups".

Murtha Faces Criticism on His Ties to Lobbyists

The election is over- the terrorist threats are still there

Michelle Malkin- cleaning house means cleaning your own house at the same time

Crime beat- let them cool their heels for longer periods and then see what happens to the rates-revolving doors still spin

Energy research

Justice delayed is justice denied- so who is actually protecting investors? Another report or study is superfluous-9 years of stalling

and they are thinking about another study rather than taking action with regards to manpower expertise and resources. Who benefits by the delays? There's enough paper shuffling over the years, where's the results? If you're a crook , Canada is a safe haven when it comes to this type of white collar crime

"The deputy director of enforcement at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission told a conference in Toronto he is a strong believer that "delay is the enemy of an effective enforcement program" -- meaning that the longer cases are delayed, the weaker the deterrent to criminals.

"There's a mental checklist that goes on in the heads of these fraudsters: What is the likelihood I'll be detected, and if I am detected what might my penalty be, and how quickly is it going to come?" Mr. Ricciardi said.....

In Canada -- in contrast with the United States -- many major cases have been particularly susceptible to lengthy delays. The trial of former Bre-X Minerals Ltd. chief geologist John Felderhof wrapped up this summer, nine years after the gold company was exposed as a fraud, and a ruling is not expected until next February....."

SEC, city reach settlement on fraud charges

Blogging for Bolton...................via MichelleMalkin

"The culture of corruption"

"As for Abscam, a recent book by George Crile, a producer for CBS's "60 Minutes," provides damning evidence that Mr. Murtha escaped severe punishment for his role in the scandal only because then-Speaker Tip O'Neill arranged for the House Ethics Committee to drop the charges, over the objections of the committee's outside prosecutor. The prosecutor quickly resigned in protest."

It's the Jihad, stupid

Japan issues tsunami warning

Liberal candidates in the red..........

There's only one taxpayer.............. for three levels of government.................

Peter Worthington-Gitmo

Salim Mansur- Gitmo

Austin Bay - Iraq

Corruption was #1 on voters' minds on election day