Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Zionists different from Jews-...............

"He said the United States will not "be so irrational" to launch preemptive strikes against Iran."

Who's irrational?

Captain Ed: An Open Letter to the Pope...........

Claudia Rosett- and the offended shall inherit the earth

Mortimer Zuckerman-How to play hardball...when dealing with terrorists

"This is not a time for fantasy. There will be no James Bond figure acting as an undercover agent who, with the help of beautiful women, will defeat cunning terrorists seeking world domination. Our enemy is more subtle than any Dr. No-and far too dangerous for us to simply trust in fate that we will somehow obtain the intelligence we need to prevent future attacks. We must do what is required to ensure that we have that intelligence. Indulging in the bitter politics that have marked our political dialogue on this issue is contrary to our national interest."

Doug Farah....... re the Pope's comments

Gates of Vienna............

"If you pay attention to the legacy media, the culture of the West seems almost suicidal in its determination to submit to the Great Islamic Jihad. The élites of the Anointed are secure in their bastions in Scarsdale or Ann Arbor or Hollywood, and don’t have to fear for their own skins any time soon. They watch the tide coming in and knocking down the sand castles in Europe, but their little castles are secure."...........

Walid Shoebat...........

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For the sweet tooth- Nostalgic candy.......

Terry Fox Run

NATO claims Operation Medusa in Afghanistan , a success,

Why would gunmen murder a defenseless Nun ,in her 70's, at a hospital?

Michelle Malkin's got more info on the murder of Sister Leonella Sgorbati R.I.P.

Mark Steyn- Coverage of 9/11 anniversary was too wimpy

"Underneath was something headlined "Half a Decade Gone By, A Reporter Still Cannot Comprehend Why." Well, in that case maybe you shouldn't be in the reporting business. After half a decade, it's not that hard to "comprehend": Osama bin Laden issued a declaration of war and then his agents carried out a big attack. He talked the talk, his boys walked the walk. If you need to flesh it out a bit, you could go to the library and look up a book."

Wolfowitz and World bank to battle graft..................Too bad it wasn't done effectively years ago

"The World Bank, whose aim is to reduce poverty through providing development loans, has taken an increasingly hard line on corruption. At its annual meeting in Singapore, delegates are focusing on the issues of graft and on ways to help development in Africa.

Wolfowitz has championed clean governance since becoming head of the bank last year, blocking more than US$1 billion (euro790 million) in loans from the bank to a range of countries for illegal practices.

"We feel very strongly that when there is systemic corruption in a country, to great levels, then the resources do not reach the poor," said Huguette Labelle, president of Transparency International, a private corruption watchdog.

"There are so many countries that should be very rich today because of their natural resources, but they're not," Labelle told delegates attending the World Bank meetings.

Former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, who headed an independent corruption inquiry into the U.N. oil-for-food program, echoed those comments, saying that corrupt regimes should not receive loans regardless of their economic performance."

The Costs of Corruption?- More than $1 trillion dollars (US$1,000 billion) is paid in bribes each year, according to ongoing research at the World Bank Institute (WBI).

Bribe Payers index -click English/press release

Estimated costs of avian flu..........

Iran at the UN this week

Victor Hanson deals with the passing of Oriana Fallaci and also the Pope's comments

...."I wish she were still alive to scoff at the politically correct, the appeaser, and the triangulator, but alas she is gone, defiant to the last....

.......... My old Democratic party is long dead, their jackals trying to tear apart the solitary and stumbling noble stag Joe Liebermann, the old center taken over by the Kerry and Soros billionaires, and the guilt-ridden academic, celebrity and media cadres."

The gun registry.....

"In the real world, it appears that what most limited the awful carnage at Dawson College, were lessons the Montreal police learned from the Montreal Massacre at L’Ecole Polytechnique 17 years ago, where Marc Lepine shot and killed 14 women. This time, better-trained police officers who first responded to the scene quickly entered the school and confronted the gunman. This as opposed to earlier practice where these officers would have established a secure perimeter until the SWAT team arrived, giving the shooter much more time to kill."

Transparency in govenment? They seem to forget it's not their money...........