Monday, July 31, 2006

Carolyn Glick

Qana propaganda? There are a number of Baghdad Bob's operating in Lebanon.

Patterico on MSM anti Israel bias

Zuckerman- getting off foreign oil for national security interests

"Here's a nasty thought. Every day you and I subsidize the propagators of terrorism. To import oil for our cars, homes, and workplaces, America now spends and borrows a staggering $1 billion every single day. In the past four years alone, oil producers' revenue has grown from $300 billion a year to $800 billion. When oil goes up by a dollar a barrel, it costs us an additional $7.4 billion! An increasing share of that money goes to countries in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, and through them to extremist religious groups who support Islamist militancy throughout the Middle East and beyond, disseminating a message of hatred and violence against western influence and ideas. Small wonder, then, that the overwhelming judgment from a hundred foreign policy experts polled in Foreign Policy magazine is that the highest priority in fighting terrorism must be to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil."

MEMRI- Lebanese Druze Leader Walid Jumblatt Criticizes Nasrallah:

Terror's Playbook...............

"In "The Management of Savagery," Naji argues that the jihadis failed in the past to establish an Islamic state because they were focused on toppling local regimes. These efforts were fruitless, he argues, because jihadis were seen as fighting their own people, which alienated the masses. Moreover, the local governments proved impervious to revolution as long as they were supported by the U.S. Based on his understanding of power politics, Naji says that the jihadis had to provoke the United States to invade a country in the Middle East.

This would 1.) turn the Muslims against local governments allied with the U.S.; 2.) destroy the U.S. aura of invincibility, which it maintains through the media, and 3.) create sympathy for the jihadis, who would be viewed as standing up to Crusader aggression. Moreover, the invasion would bleed the U.S. economy and sap its military power, leading to social unrest at home and its ultimate withdrawal from the Middle East.

Naji had hoped that Afghanistan would play out in this manner for the U.S., as it did for the Soviets. Now, Naji places his hopes on Iraq. Once the U.S. withdraws from Iraq, he contends, the jihadis must quickly move to invade neighboring countries."

News from Northern Israel

"Being interviewed on a European radio station, the interviewer snarls at me when I mention that Haifa has a mixed Jewish/Arab population and that as we speak, many of them were sitting in bomb shelters together, hiding from Nasrallah’s rockets.

I was surprised this information could be so irritating. I didn’t dare tell him about the guy who came up to me in downtown Haifa, showed my his bombed shop front and told me he was an Arab who wants the IDF to destroy the Hizbullah."

Ben Stein....How to lose to terrorists

......."You cannot fight inhumane people with humane means. You cannot fight savages with one hand -- no, two hands -- tied behind your back. No wars were ever won using restraint and only civilized means. That's a formula for complete defeat and for the end of civilized life. If we allow our media and French intellectuals to prevent us and the Israelis from using the means necessary to win, we'll Lebanon, in Iraq, and everywhere and this civilization is very well worth preserving. Yes, as sad as it would be to use terror tactics to win a war, it would be incomparably worse to lose. At the end of the war we win, there is light. At the end of the war we lose, there is the end.How to lose to terrorists"

Captain Ed's take on the Middle East

Crime beat- via what would frighten the public is not the stories but that the crooks have had a free ride for years

There is a lot of collective looking the other way while criminal groups have expanded over the years.If the public knew that the police were actually making progress they wouldn't be afraid .Keeping the public in the dark won't change reality, when the drug dealers are in their neighbourhood, when their cars are stolen or broken into and there are grow houses in just about every neighbourhood. Maybe they should concentrate on their jobs more and less on spinning the public.

American thinker- useful fools

UN track record- Rwanda, Darfur, UNSCAM, and .........

Hezbollah executed 18 people in Tyre last week-did the media know ?or were they concentrating solely on Qana

Brussels Journal-the media don't seem to slant their stories against Hezbollah- perhaps they are cheering ,not so secretly, for terrorists

Support for Israel in the New Europe

Border Patrol to get more recruits

More on the Border Patrol

"Arizona Police Association (APA) - The Arizona Police Association consisted of approximately 7,000 members. About 2,000 of those members were Border Patrol agents in Arizona. The APA has decided, against our wishes, to endorse Gabrielle Giffords in the Dist. 8 congressional race to replace the retiring Jim Kolbe. The APA has also decided to endorse Janet Napolitano for governor. In response to this, and other matters, we are announcing that Border Patrol agents in Arizona will be breaking away from the APA, effective immediately. We will endorse our own candidates, i.e., candidates who best represent our professional interests and who will work to secure the nation's borders properly for all Americans. We believe there is not a more important issue facing the American voters this year than securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws in the interior of the country. The bulk of APA's members are Phoenix area police departments. The only members they have in southern Arizona (congressional District 8) are Border Patrol agents and a few Highway Patrol officers. In light of the fact that Giffords won't actually represent any of the officers in the Phoenix area, it is especially disturbing that the APA would disregard our input and endorse Giffords. Giffords is pro-amnesty for illegal aliens, something that we strongly disagree with. Her approach to "solving" the illegal alien crisis simply will not work. It's basically a repeat of the disastrous 1986 amnesty (IRCA 1986), which only served to get us to the sad state of affairs in which we currently find ourselves. For the APA to endorse a candidate who will almost exclusively represent us (Border Patrol agents) in our part of the state, and one who does not represent our best interests, is untenable at this point. We are the ones enforcing the immigration laws every day and we are the ones who have been dealing with the problem first hand for years. Giffords seeks to reward the same people we are currently risking our lives to stop. Giffords has been an Arizona state lawmaker with unknown ties to other members of the APA. The APA was approached about endorsing Senator Kyl and failed to even return our phone calls. Our attempts to start a dialogue over the Giffords' endorsement was largely ignored as well. We will explore the formation of another statewide police organization, or we will explore joining another statewide police organization that better represents our interests (both in protecting our employment rights and working with us to secure this nation's borders). Lastly, the President of Local 2544 has resigned his position as a Director of the APA, effective today. 07-30-06"


Israeli cities hit by rockets from Qana

Hezbollah firing from UN positions every day

UNIFIL to be left as Hezbollah sitting ducks for another month

Mark Levin-....While the World Condemns Israel..

"AFP reports:Six people were killed in shootings and 10 wounded in a grenade attack on a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims in Indian Kashmir, police and the army said.Indian troops shot dead four Muslim rebels during a fierce gunbattle near the de facto border dividing Kashmir between India and Pakistan..

And I assure you, there will be no world outrage, emergency U.N. session, or media hysteria about this purposeful slaughter of human beings by Islamo-Nazis".

MEMRI- so much for any acceptance of a multinational force

"A Multinational Force Would Be an Occupation That Should Be Met With Resistance

An editorial in the Syrian government daily Al-Ba'th, titled "International Force or New Occupation?" read: "Whoever thinks that the presence of international forces on Lebanese soil is the solution is wrong – since these forces, in the eyes of the resistance fighters and in the nationalist and pan-Arab view, would be occupation forces, like the forces that have occupied Iraq and other places in the world."

Heat advice-also check on elderly family and friends to make sure they are OK

Seattle-Pamela Waechter, R.I.P.

Still unhinged but from a different geographical area?

Blogging the MidEast war at Pajamasmedia

The next Secretary General of the UN?

You can deal with the problem today or wait until it's a much bigger problem tomorrow-that tomorrow is already today

"The division of America is the greatest threat to our ability to prevail in the War on Terror – and the Left knows this and is incited by it. America is not divided enough for the American Left, which is now in full purge mode in Connecticut, where it is attempting to bring down the one statesman in the Democratic Party who might re-unite this country in the face of its enemies.

Those who in the midst of these wars clamor for ceasefires with an implacable foe, those who call for withdrawals that would leave sovereign states in the hands of the terrorist forces, those who decry civilian casualties caused by the only forces in this war who do not target civilians, those Blame-America-Firsters who exploit the Abu Ghraibs on our side and not their atrocities, those whose hysterical fear of the conflict we face takes the form of pathological denial and projects the rabid hatred of the enemy for us onto our own commander in the war, are destined to have a lot to answer for before this conflict is over."


The Puppet Master behind Hezbollah

Naomi Ragen- using babies as shields

UN dance-despite the public "concern", they know the reality of dealing with terrorists(how did 12,000 rockets get past their "observation"?)

World capitals get it. They're going to be extremely cautious about sending troops into harm's way to deal with Hezbollah - and its Syrian and Iranian backers - in southern Lebanon's chaos.

Depending on how much hurt Israel puts on the terrorists before an international force hits the ground, the stabilization force might face guerrilla warfare, improvised explosive devices, booby traps and unmarked minefields.

Sure, France, Italy, Turkey and Norway have expressed an early willingness to consider sending troops into Lebanon under the right conditions - but no one is jumping up and down, hollering, "Ooh, ooh, send me!"



Hezbollah's human shields

"Israel is being vilified by opportunistic politicians and the international media over the air strike that killed 56 persons early yesterday in the Lebanese village of Qana. In the rush to blame Israel, a number of relevant facts are ignored: 1) the sad fact of the matter is that, no matter how much is done to minimize the risk to civilians, civilians inevitably die in wars; 2) Israel has placed its soldiers at risk in order to minimize civilian casualties in Lebanon, while Hezbollah, in flagrant violation of international law, including the Geneva Conventions, deliberately behaves in ways to maximize harm to Israeli and Lebanese civilians; 3) in Qana there were indisputable military targets, including locations from which Hezbollah has been firing rockets into Israel; 4) pending the outcome of an investigation, there is no way to tell whether all of those killed in the airstrike were "civilians," as Israel's critics confidently tell us, or whether the dead were actually a mix of combatants and noncombatants."