Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dirty tricks .............

National Post endorses Harper..................

"Whatever happens on Jan. 23, Stephen Harper deserves credit for bringing the conservative movement in Canada to this point. As recently as 2003, conservatives were split between two bickering parties with very different cultures. It is a testament to his strong leadership that the party now appears so united and professional. Throughout it all, Mr. Harper has been subject to criticism -- not least, from us -- in regard to his style and tactics. He has borne such criticism with dignity, and has diligently kept to his message that this country can do better. He has certainly convinced us. And we hope he has convinced Canadian voters as well."

Quebecers do have a viable choice this time and they will be taking it...........

The UN tried to get its mitts on the internet ,now...................

Liberal candidate calls for undecided to vote Conservative

"A Liberal candidate in Quebec has admitted he is not going to win, and is calling on undecided voters to support the Conservatives in order to defeat the Bloc Quebecois."

Steyn- Countdown to Liberation

An army of "fact checkers" in this campaign.It's funny how some media are so wedded to the Liberals that they

can't see the forest for the trees.

After 13 years, how can they possibly believe that the public would like to have a virtual one party state, that controls all the levers of power, in perpetuity yet endorse the Liberals.That's an unhealthy situation in a vibrant democracy.It's more the situation in a dictatorship.That's why the Canadian public is drifting away from the Liberals this time around in the hopes that it is they, not the government ,that controls the keys to the vault. They have had it with the culture of corruption , the culture of cronyism and the culture of entitlement and a culture of wasting taxpayers money on such things as the gun registry and Adscam.Many immigrants came to Canada for a better life and to get as far away from dictatorships and cronyism as they could .Yet they soon found themselves in a simiar regime as the one they left.In fact some of those old wags in the media are going to be surprised on Monday when a lot of those recent immigrants are going to be voting for a breath of fresh air They'll be voting for the Conservatives on Monday.

Those in the media that endorsed the Liberals, after what they have done to the integrity of government, will wonder why they have lost their audience. When the public can see that the Emperor has no clothes, why couldn't their well connected media-unless they were too connected - at the hip.

Even the media had trouble getting info from the government.Stonewalled along the way in getting Access to Information.Now why would the government stonewall and why wouldn't the media squawk more about the stonewalling? How could the Sponsorship have gone on for 10 years and those in the media knew nothing with all their high government connections? On Jan 23 there will be a change in government despite the best efforts of some in the media to cover up the government's dirty linen.Some people pretended like they knew nothing about Adscam-totally in the dark- on Monday Canadians will decide if they are buying those explanations.

Nothing to see here folks , move along - it's just business as usual

MEMRI- Arab boycotts


In the age of globalization which is characterized by the meltdown of international trade barriers some Arab countries, with Syria taking the lead, still cling to the old ways of restricting free trade through antiquated and most inefficient ways for purposes that are neither politically or economically sustainable.

While even a partial boycott is not without economic cost to Israel in terms of trade, tourism and investment, neither is it cost-free for those who practice it. Despite the boycott, and perhaps as a challenge to the boycott, full or partial, Israel has been able to develop a world-class high tech economy. Today more than ever globalization is Israel's strongest ally and the boycott's biggest barrier. Even Arab economists understand that, in a globalized market, a boycott will be as porous as it will be ineffective.

Democracy Watch likes Conservative Accountability Act to clean up government...........

"An advocacy group for clean government has awarded top marks to the federal Conservative Party for accountability.

Democracy Watch has released its annual review of the main federal parties' platforms, giving each of them a letter grade in 16 different areas -- ranging from "Requiring honesty-in-politics" to "Ensuring loophole free laws and strong penalties for wrongdoers."

Guiding principles for journalists- some in the Canadian media may need a refresher course

"Act Independently

* Guard vigorously the essential stewardship role a free press plays in an open society.
* Seek out and disseminate competing perspectives without being unduly influenced by those who would use their power or position counter to the public interest.
* Remain free of associations and activities that may compromise your integrity or damage your credibility.
* Recognize that good ethical decisions require individual responsibility enriched by collaborative efforts. "

Crooks don't register their weapons

Keep up the good work Buzz.........

Actually, we admire Hargrove. No opponent of Martin could possibly have done as much damage to the Liberal campaign as he did with his "support."

First, just days before Monday's vote, Hargrove has so revved up the Conservative ground forces by suggesting Harper is a separatist, they'll want to defeat the Liberals even more. Until yesterday, we didn't think that was possible.............


Quebec is the nation's bandwagon province, never shy about jumping on the winning campaign in the final days. And this time, that's the Conservatives.

With the latest polls showing the Conservatives now leading the Liberals nationally by a stunning 42% to 24%, Tory support has more than tripled in Quebec in the past two weeks alone, and now leads the Grits.

None of which will likely give the Conservatives more than a handful of seats in Quebec, but it really doesn't matter.

Unless Canadians are lying to pollsters en masse, Conservatives are on their way to power with no small help from Liberals doing themselves in from sea to sea.

The Liberal record on honesty............

There are a couple of other seats they may pick up in Toronto.......

"There is greater hope for inroads in Toronto. There, the Conservatives have an opportunity to win seats on the edges of the downtown core, with John Capobianco, who is challenging Liberal Michael Ignatieff, and former broadcaster Peter Kent who is contesting Liberal Carolyn Bennett's riding. "Toronto's voices must be heard in the government that is in the making," Mr. Kent said.

Earlier at a morning rally at a north Toronto restaurant, Harper accused the Liberal governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin of having ignored Toronto's needs."

Globe/CTV bury their own poll -not favorable to the home team??That's why people read blogs, a lot of media filter stories

Canadians didn't hear about UNSCAM until about a year after it had been appearing elsewhere.What else will we find out about after a change in government that the media might have overlooked?

Explosion by suicide bomber in Tel Aviv


Iran's nuclear threat............

Michael Totten...............

Every year like clockwork, the government produces nice reports like this but very

little is actually done about it. Seems like the government was more interested in harrasssing honest duck hunters and farmers instead of dealing with major criminals and blowing $2 billion on the gun registry.Why so much focus on the honest and so little on the crooks? For the past 10 years it appears the government handcuffed the Mounties instead of the criminals.Why?

Senior AQ killed by drones.............

Lots of questions that need answers before Jan 23

The Barrett Report...............revelations about a cover up?

Journalism lessons.................

Seem like outside Toronto is now more and more Conservative territory