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Townhall with Congressmen Murtha and Moran...........

"Hello Mr Moran I'm General Wagner. I'm here tonight, I decided to come at 7:30. And I'll tell you the reason I came at 7:30 is because I want an answer to a letter, to a friend of ours. She wrote this letter to Mr. Murtha, where she pointed out to him that he was causing the insurgents to bring more activity against the soldiers in Iraq, just as the traitors did during the Vietnam war. I was fighting in 1972 with the Vietnamese when people were cavorting with the North Vietnamese.

Her son was killed today.

I got the message at 7:30 tonight, and I'll tell you, I wasn't going to waste my time coming here because I knew the trash that was going to be put out. But I'm really mad. Because what is being put out is being used to incite the insurgents to continue this war, just as it incited General Giap to consider the Vietnam war."

David Warren- The Lion...............

Zuckerman: Sharon

Sharon: A Warrior's legacy.............

"Sharon not only changed his country's course; he appears, in the shock of his sudden absence, to have also set it on a fairly secure new one. After a half century of spearheading Israel in its wars and territorial expansions, Sharon cut loose from his former comrades, the settlers, shrank Israel's borders to more realistic dimensions, and carved out a new Israeli consensus--not necessarily for peace but for pragmatism. He melded the right's hawkish policy on security, which he basically authored, with the left's dovish policy on territory, which he had spent decades fighting. He invented a new Israeli political center and, perhaps, a new Israel. Sitting in the prime minister's office, recalling his long first career as a belligerent opponent of compromise, Sharon often said, "What you see from here is not what you see from there."

Dumpster diving........................ via

AQ in Europe

Salim Mansur

Saddam's Terror Training camps............

Tax reductions for Canadian charities...........

When the investigations stop- .........but they are only getting started...... .

If I want an IMET to investigate a company - who do I contact ?

The public is encouraged to suggest cases for investigation through the RCMP or any of the “portal agencies” located throughout the country. You can do this by contacting your local RCMP Commercial Crime section (or any other police agency of jurisdiction), or by reporting suspected investment frauds using the (Reporting economic crime online) website.

Due to the IMET program’s very focused and dedicated investigative resources, there is not one specific office where the public can file complaints/request investigations. Instead, those complaints that are more demanding of a team approach to any subsequent investigation are referred to the IMETs for consideration by key stakeholder agencies. Each referred case is given a weighted score (as outlined below). The higher the score, the more likely the complaint will be investigated by an IMET.

How are cases selected for investigation?

Case selections are based on referrals from the RCMP’s Commercial Crime sections and other police forces across Canada. Cases are also forwarded through the RCMP’s web-based Economic Crime reporting system The IMETs also receive valuable input from our partner agencies such as the provincial securities commissions and other self regulatory agencies (‘SRO’s’).

Although a single case may not appear significant at first glance, other investors or members of the public may be making similar complaints which begin to identify trends and may assist an IMET in planning future investigations.

Any referred case is given a weighted score based upon a set of criteria that ensures that the most important cases relating to our investigative mandate receive the attention and resources they deserve. Cases with higher scores are more likely to be selected and investigated.

If you would like an IMET to consider accepting a case, simply report the complaint to any RCMP Commercial Crime Section, your police force of jurisdiction, or other agencies mentioned. It will be reviewed, scored, and considered against competing cases.

UNSCAM arrest- the Canadian media didn't have much interest in the oil for food scandal since they ignored it for over a year until Volcker's report

Now why would they under report a major story like that,for a year- after all, they are supposed to keep Canadians informed of news ?

Trading graphs..............

Letter from the SEC re : Income Trusts- since transactions are computerized why the delay in the "investigation"?Who knew what, when should have been

quite obvious 2 months ago.

The environmental record..............


Yet during the Montreal conference, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin had the nerve to accuse the U.S. of lacking a "global conscience." EU Environment Minister Stavros Dimas, boasted: "Europe has led, and will continue to lead, the endeavor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. . . . We are set to meet our reduction target for 2008-2012."

The reality is very different. Kyoto's goal was to get rich nations by 2012 to cut their output of greenhouse gases by 8% from their levels in 1990. Yet Canada's output has actually increased by 24%, Spain's by 41.7%, Ireland's by 25.6%, Austria's by 16.5% and so on.

The U.S., by comparison, is up 13.3%.

Blind Trusts.............

Pajamas Media

Monte Solberg- the CBC's only doing their part for the home team,would anybody expect anything different from them?

Their viewers are going to be surprised on Jan 23 and wonder how all the CBC pundits got it all wrong.

So how many RCMP "officers" were hired above the attrition level with that $10? billion she said was put into security?


Victor Hanson............

But was it registered?

A York cop got the best of a struggling driver who tried to pull a handgun out of his waistband after being stopped for erratic driving, police said yesterday

The criminals have control of the streets while the politicians fiddled while Rome burned.

"Threats of gang violence reached into City Hall yesterday, scaring away all but one of 14 former gang members from an event intended to attract young people away from the gun culture.

Organizers of the event, including a church pastor, came late to a committee meeting after failing to persuade the 13 frightened youths to attend.


"They couldn't make it because they were threatened," said Monica Willie, president of Choices Mathieu da Costa centre, a group formed to rescue youths from street gangs by offering them trade skills.

"They are very afraid," she said. "Some of these people are in real danger."

Try not to pay GST crossing the border and you get nailed, but the crooks and terrorists can easily slip in-park in a no parking zone or at an expired

meter and you get a ticket immediately, bring in a container load of drugs and nobody knows anything.The politicians have had misplaced priorities for years ,not weeks.

"But the system is tougher on other things. When I was on Charles Adler's gun show on AM640 at the Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge St., I couldn't miss that all three radio station vehicles had been ticketed for parking violations. No leniency there.

More prompt service by David Miller's City of Toronto.

The panhandlers, thieves and muggers must laugh. They better hope they don't make the parking assassins into street drug officers.

I actually think that's a better idea for them -- to follow the "blended policing" model laid out by Ross McLeod at Intelligarde Security that would see junior officers working with experienced cops to help "swell" the numbers.

"You take away their turf and you take away their trade," McLeod says of drug dealers.

Relentless harassment of criminals is the way to go. They, says McLeod, don't like it.

So the big question is: Can anything really change in 2006?

Yes, if that's what you want. Keep the heat on."

Liberal leadership hopefuls waiting in the wings.........

"In Quebec, the word Adscam has all but become the Liberals' political epitaph. Then came the odd RCMP announcement in the midst of the campaign that the force was conducting a criminal investigation of possible government leaks in the income trust mess -- odd because there was no practical, legal or other requirement for the Mounties to say anything about what they were or weren't probing.

Yesterday, the Liberals got hit with another story about yet another RCMP probe, this one looking into a $4.8-million government grant given to Option Canada, a pro-federalist group at the time of the 1995 Quebec referendum.

It doesn't matter that it was officials at the federal Heritage Department who asked the Mounties to conduct the review ahead of an apparently damning book on Option Canada, due for release next week.

Politically, an RCMP probe of anything to do with the feds leads the campaign message track back to Adscam and the whole issue of Liberal ethics, or lack thereof.

The Option Canada bomb had barely hit the street yesterday when CBC Radio reported a three-week-old story that federal auditors had uncovered contracting irregularities in Toronto waterfront development projects. "

Why didn't you do it earlier? After all they had 12 years.Promises, promises ,-more smoke and mirrors.

In Thursday's Metro (a free subway paper put out by the Toronto Star), the headline read, Don't Pressure Me: Cotler. The article went on to describe how there was no quick fix and how this would take time. In other words, he just undid all of Paul Martin's theatrics about trying to convince us he really cared about this issue. Don't worry, Irwin, you'll have plenty of time to recover from the pressure in just a few weeks.

Every time Paul Martin or one of his people says "We will ..." someone should ask, "Well, you've had 12 years. Why didn't you do this earlier?

Michael Yon: Looking for volunteers for Frontline forum