Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mark Steyn


"To be sure, like Kerry in 2004 deciding that the murderers and rapists were now his brave "band of brothers," the left often discover a sudden enthusiasm for the previous war once a new one's come along. Since Iraq, they've been all in favor of Afghanistan, though back in the fall of 2001 they were convinced it was a quagmire, graveyard of empire, unwinnable, another Vietnam, etc. Oh, and they also discovered a belated enthusiasm for the first President Bush's shrewd conduct of the 1991 Gulf War, though at the time Kerry and most other Democrats voted against that one, too. In this tedious shell game, no matter how frantically the left shuffles the cups, you never find the one shriveled pea of The Military Intervention We're Willing To Support When it Matters.

To be sure, the progressives deserve credit for having refined their view of the military: not murderers and rapists, just impoverished suckers too stupid for anything other than soldiering. The left still doesn't understand that it's the soldier who guarantees every other profession -- the defeatist New York Times journalist, the anti-American college professor, the insurgent-video-of-the-day host at CNN, the hollow preening blowhard senator. Kerry's gaffe isn't about one maladroit Marie Antoinette of the Senate but a glimpse into the mind-set of too many Americans."

Steyn comments on Saddam verdict.(The silence of the media on this so far is deafening-can't have any good news coming out of Iraq now can we? Sort of gets in their way of constantly hammering Bush-apparently only anti Bush stories are acceptable))

By rights, the death sentence passed on this evil man ought to be bigger news this weekend than whether an obscure evangelical pastor had sex with a gay prostitute. But, in these fevered days before this week's US elections, the media are too busy insisting the Republicans are doomed to notice stories that underline how important the Iraq invasion was. The local judges, by the way, have done a better job than Slobo's international eminences in the Hague


The partisan moderate said...

Your comments are right on. Please check out my blog

People in Glass Mansions shouldn't throw Stones
What Senator Kerry said was terrible and inaccurate to boot as many who join the military especially those who get into the highly selective military academies are good students. Even assuming Senator Kerry meant to poke fun at President Bush for not studying hard (which seems to be the case) that is still ridiculous and hypocritical although admittedly not nearly as offensive. Senator Kerry it turns out had slightly worse grades at Yale
2005/06/07/yale_grades_portray_kerry_as_a_lackluster_student/ than the President and he voted for the Iraq War, despite his subsequent denials.

In general, it is kind of odd that a man that graduated from: Andover, Yale, and Harvard Business School has had his intelligence continually questioned. While President Bush was not the greatest student and connections obviously helped him get into the aforementioned schools, it is likely that he learned something along the way.

Furthermore, all Senator Kerry had to do was apologize but instead his initial reaction was to lash out at his critics in equally offensive language. Democrats running for Congress and the Senate in this election cycle have made an issue of President Bush's performance in the oval office, this incident illustrates that the Democratic replacement would have been worse.

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Jim Jinkins said...

Recently, Hollywood producer/actor Mel Gibson went into an anti-semitic when he was stopped for drunk driving. I doubt he would have said those things if he had been sober. But I believe he meant them.

Kerry may have been just tired rather than drunk, but I believe - from his previous behaviour - that he meant exactly what he said.

We should give Kerry no more slack than we gave Gibson.

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