Thursday, June 22, 2006

You'd never know it from MSM but since Zarqawi's death.............

" -7 terrorists were killed, three wounded and two detained near Baqouba.

-An assassination cell leader was captured in Kirkuk.

-June 15: Operation Forward Together began.

-Sheikh Aqeel, head of terror network, financier and supplier of IEDs, was captured in Karbala.

-Iraqi army & coalition forces detained suspected criminals working with terrorist IED cell in southern Babil. Weapons cache discovered.

-During simultaneous raids north of Baqouba, coalition forces killed 15 terrorists and detained 3 others. One of the terrorists killed by a coalition sniper.

-Coalition forces detained a senior Al Qaeda in Iraq network member (name withheld) and 30 other suspected terrorists in coordinated raids southwest of Baqouba.

-Since launching operations to find the missing 101st Airborne Soldiers, Coalition and Iraqi forces have killed 18 terrorists, detained 163 and discovered 12 weapons caches.

-Of the 66 tips received from citizens, 18 were found to be actionable and further raids followed. There have been 14 raids and some sniper operations.

-MG Caldwell added to the list of “key kills” from 4-18 June: Abu Yazid (foreign fighter facilitator), Abu Thawban (foreign fighter facilitator), Abu Abdullah (foreign fighter facilitator for Sheikh Mansur).

-Captured during this same period: An Al Qaeda in Iraq cell leader in Baghdad, a senior foreign fighter facilitator in Fallujah, a Ramadi-based Al Qaeda in Iraq leader in Yusufiyah, a Taji-based AQ in Iraq cell leader."


TonyGuitar said...

Thank you for putting this together. Very encouraging and a pleasure to learn.

Debbye, *Being American in TO, aimed my browser this way.

Looks like she is back and back strong. TG

4:42 PM  

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