Saturday, May 27, 2006

More on the Parliamentary Press Gallery at Stephen Taylor's site....- one of the reasons we posted Question Period excerpts from Hansard is that the

Public can read the Q&A themselves instead of it being filtered or massaged by the media -basically get it from the horse's mouth.Rather than doing any original footwork, the PPG just gets some "gotcha" quotes from a scrum and then run off to slant their stories- not all of them but enough.They simply regurgitate the scrum or press conference without doing much leg work .

One reason most Canadians don't have much sympathy for their recent spat is their rolodexes and palm pilots and Blackberries went right into the former Liberal PMO , but they really didn't ask too many direct questions. One small example- Liberal cabinet Ministers kept saying they put $9.5 billion into security. Yet the media didn't bother challenging those figures. First of all ,it was over a 5 year period and only 2 years had elapsed , so the most the government put in was probably $4 billion not $9.5 billion- $4 billion is not $9.5 billion but $9.5 billion sounds better.If the Conservatives are providing 1000 additional officers over 5 years with about $120 million, then how many officers above the attrition level did the Liberals hire with $4 billion for security ?- let alone $9.5 billion.Then there's the matter of millions still missing in the Sponsorship scam.Where are the stories on trying to find where that money went?

The PPG acted more or less as the cheering section of the Liberals while they were in power instead of asking or doing the necessary spade work.So when it comes to who asks questions first, it simply isn't relevent for the Canadian public.Perhaps when they clean up their own act and leave their partiality behind closed doors, then maybe the public might be more sympathetic .In 2006 most of us that are interested in politics or government can get government documents directly or just Google the info. The media were supposed to inform us about things we didn't know. When it came to the Liberals there was plenty the public didn't know. The media's silence did the Canadian public a disservice by keeping them in the dark.

One of the travesties of justice was Cpl. Robert Read , a whistleblower without the protection, tried to protect Canadians by investigating immigration irregularities in the High Commission . He got turfed for basically doing his job. When his recommendations went nowhere, he spoke to the media and consequently lost his job. Instead of whining, the media should have had the integrity he had when the Liberals were in power but they were afraid if they wrote anything negative, they would have been frozen out of the loop.So much for original reporting.

If they want to massage stories to continually show the Conservatives in a negative light but ignore negative stories about the Liberals,(only a few wrote about the Guite trial) don't expect much public sympathy .


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