Monday, April 03, 2006

Their cousins had no intention in resettling them............despite the billions they made over 60 years

"PRC General Commander Jamal Abu Samhadana: "It was easy to unite the Palestinian men around the idea of fighting and resistance, after they lost faith in negotiations and negotiators. After seven years of negotiations, all we see is poverty and misery, and our cause has reached rock bottom. The Zionist enemy was determined to bring the Palestinian people to despair and frustration. Allah be praised, this Intifada has shaken off the dust of defeat, of illusions, negligence, and retreat from the shoulders of the young Palestinian men. All Palestinian groups unite their forces and capabilities to fight this Zionist enemy."

Reporter: "In this location, they are united by one goal, one sentiment, and one dream - victory or martyrdom. Here, the resistance fighters wear their special outfits, put on their bulletproof vests, and hold their weapons. They count their bullets and get ready for battle."

PRC Regional Commander 'Amar Qarmut: "The main reason for joining the Popular Resistance Committees is the occupation of our homeland, the denial of the freedom and dignity of our people. The only way to oppose this occupation is by means of the gun and by fighting. This is a religious duty. As long as the occupation remains on Palestinian land, and denies the Palestinian people their dignity and honor, the resistance will continue, Allah willing. The withdrawal from Gaza is just one step towards liberation, not the liberation itself."


Tens of millions of refugees were settled in Europe within 5 years but 600,000 couldn't be resettled after nearly 60 years despite the fact that their Petrodollar cousins had multibillions available? Gas is $3/gal in USA and $4.50/gal in Canada so they had no shortage of money to resettle their cousins.

"In 1945 there were many millions more refugees in Europe than there were in the Middle East in 1948. By 1950 Europe's problem had ceased festering. But 54 years after the founding of Israel, Palestinian "refugee camps"--cities, actually--exist because Arab nations have been unwilling to absorb Palestinians and want cities that are hothouses for developing irredentist fanaticism."


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