Monday, November 28, 2005

Surely they don't manipulate stats , do they?

"Opponents said that the move, already backed by the opposition parties, had been forced on Mr Brown by growing lack of public belief in official statistics, intensified by his decision this year to change the length of the economic cycle on which his fiscal rules are based. A recent MORI survey found that only 17 per cent thought official statistics were produced without political interference."

"The government has lost the moral authority to govern"

Would you go out to vote in a snowstorm? Like beating a dead horse-people get out in the winter,If they can skate on the rideau , they can vote-

June 2004 election results-poll by poll- electoral district-you'll see which seats can be picked up this time around

She's pretty thorough....

After 12 years it's time for a change.............

"Canadians have seen this movie before," Harper said. "They know when the Liberals scream about us it's just a diversion.

"It's like the thief who cries fire in a crowed restaurant so that when no one's looking he can clear out the cash register."

When one Party rules and controls all the levers of power you can end up like this

During testimony at Gomery Huguette Tremblay testified that there was to be no paper trail-why not?

PAge 15363
MS. TREMBLAY: As I was saying, what I remember is a 15
conversation I had with Mr. Guité at the time, when he informed 16
me that Minister Gagliano wanted to put money from the 17
Sponsorship Program into that event in Italy, but that there 18
shouldn’t be a paper trail, if I can put it that way, in the 19
government, and that the sponsorship would be managed by 20
Gosselin Communications. 21
page 15365

And did Mr. Guité –- you used the expression, “the 10
Minister didn’t want there to be any paper trail”, if I’m 11
quoting what you said in your testimony correctly? 12
MR. COURNOYER: And what does that mean in practical 14
terms? Did Mr. Guité tell you specifically what should be done, 15
in practical terms, to comply with the Minister’s request? 16
MS. TREMBLAY: I remember that there wasn’t to be 17
anything in our files. Therefore, the event didn’t appear in our 18
sponsorship lists at the time because, as you know, we had all 19
that on computer records, I believe, in ’98-’99. Consequently, 20
this sponsorship wouldn’t be in our records. 21
The order was sent to Gosselin, and they took care of 22
billing and making the payment. Nothing came to us at Public 23
Works. 24

Of course it's just a coincidence that while the Sponsorship program was going full steam ahead, the government was underfunding our National Police force and losing many of its top investigators.Why do investigations take so long if they were fully funded?"The Mounties always get their man" unfortunately is no longer applicable since very few of the major crooks operating on Canadian soil make it to court.They seem to be more pre-occupied with shuffling papers around instead of getting the crooks off the streets.While nobody was looking, they seem to have been transformed into just another paper shuffling bureaucracy,lots of studies, papers and reports but little actually done to stem the criminal enterprises.Instead of handcuffing the crooks, why did the government handcuff the Mounties?

The deterioration started long ago

Integrity, accountability, responsibility seem to have been replaced by a culture of entitlement and corruption.If you are honest, hard working, you worry about getting a parking ticket, if you are a major criminal, you have nothing to fear.This attitude has to change.The first duty of a government is to protect its citizens not coddle criminals.

Canadians will have an opportunity to make changes very soon.

If he had violated the public trust in Canada, he'd probably get a slap on the wrist and be out in a few months

"He did the worst thing an elected official can do _ he enriched himself through his position and violated the trust of those who put him there," U.S. Attorney Carol Lam said. The statement did not identify the conspirators.

Vote of no confidence in the Canadian Parliament- 171 in favor of non confidence- 133 against the motion -the election is on-probably on Jan 23

Blogs and MSM................... via

there seem to be a lot of people living in fear because of the soft on crime ideology

The Freedoms we fight for..........

Monte could probably wipe out the Liberal campaign by himself if he shook all their hands on the way out the door

Vote on non confidence motion -live on CPAC- about 6:30pm

Global Deception........

Public- private infrastructure projects........

Bill Roggio reporting from Iaq..........

Captain Ed.........

Rebuilding the RCMP........after 10 years of underfunding......

"Conservative MPs recently have challenged Public Security Minister Anne McLellan about the state of the RCMP. Peter McKay, the deputy Conservative leader, revealed "the RCMP vacancy rates are now as high as 25% in certain units, including drug interdiction and organized crime," while rural shortfalls are leading to the closure of detachments. Meanwhile, internal RCMP documents, produced by Saskatchewan Tory Garry Breitkreuz, show shortages of 281 officers in B.C., 139 in Ontario, 134 in Quebec and slightly smaller deficits in six more provinces. Through it all, Ms. McLellan has somehow insisted that the RCMP is not undermanned."

If the Liberals expect to sling mud through their proxies and not expect to be challenged, they would be naive

"Gomery" Parliament to end today but Gomery will be on the voters'minds as they head to the polls on election day.

Some parties are ready to roll while others are resigned to their fate

Fiscally responsible?

More questions that need answers?

Probe demanded of tax announcement....

"But, quoting forensic accountant Al Rosen, the Conservative MP said the heavier-than-usual stock exchange trading volume earlier in the day, "smells like a leak.""