Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Testimony at the Senate Judiciary hearing

"The government of Saudi Arabia is distributing books and pamphlets across the United States in an effort to recruit American Muslims to an international struggle against Christians and Jews, the director of a religious freedom organization told the Senate Judiciary Committee Nov. 8.

In one instance, a booklet distributed by the Saudi Embassy in Washington offers instructions on how to “build a wall of resentment” between Muslims and infidels, said Nina Shea, director of the Center for Religious Freedom.

Among the book’s directives: “Never greet the Christian or Jew first. Never congratulate the infidel on his holiday. Never befriend an infidel unless it is to convert him. Never imitate the infidel. Never work for an infidel,” Shea quoted during a committee hearing. "

Michael Yon's work in Iraq ,describing the efforts of the U.S. troops, will be used on the senate floor to describe the progress they made

The illusion of security- smoke and mirrors for public consumption

David Frum- The Questions Gomery didn't answer...........

"Under the new rules of the Ottawa game, the police and the media have access to information that might embarrass or disgrace Jean Chretien. Information that might in any way inconvenience Mr. Martin remains, however, as scarce as ever.

One-party states are corrupt states, and it was never realistic to imagine that Canada would be an exception to the rule. If Canadians want clean government, they will have to elect a new government. They will need a new Minister of Justice and a new Solicitor-General who will tell the RCMP to follow the trail wherever it leads--with no special protections, no doors locked, no company or organization marked off as beyond the jurisdiction of the police.

And if not? What if Canadians shrug and re-elect the Liberals one more time? If they succeed in getting away with all this, there would then be only one logical conclusion for the Liberals to draw: They were fools to take so little."

Robert Spencer............

Good news on the police situation- now are the politicians going to put an end to the revolving door justice system that allows gangsters back on the

streets in short order or will the standard buck passing resume?

Daniel Pipes reflects on the Revolution in France..........

"End of an era: The time of cultural innocence and political naïveté, when the French could blunder without seeing or feeling the consequences, is drawing to a close. As in other European countries (notably Denmark and Spain), a bundle of related issues, all touching on the Muslim presence, has now moved to the top of the policy agenda in France, where it likely will remain for decades.

These issues include a decline of Christian faith and the attendant demographic collapse; a cradle-to-grave welfare system that lures immigrants even as it saps long-term economic viability; an alienation from historic customs in favor of lifestyle experimentation and vapid multiculturalism; an inability to control borders or assimilate immigrants; a pattern of criminality that finds European cities far more violent than American ones, and a surge in Islam and radical Islam."


Testimony before the Senate Judiciary hearing........

Spectator...Babbin re:..Wilson/Plame

"The CIA's disinformation campaign against President Bush -- headlined in the Wilson/Plame affair -- is more jujitsu than karate. Instead of applying your own force to defeat your opponent, you turn his energy and momentum against him and bring him down. The CIA, as much or more than the State Department, didn't support President Bush's decision to invade Iraq. And to discredit that decision, it appears the CIA first chose an unspeakably unqualified political activist for a sham intelligence mission, structured it so that the results would be utterly public, and then -- when the activist resumed his publicity-hound activity -- demanded and achieved a high-profile criminal investigation into White House activities that resulted, so far, in the indictment of the Vice President's chief of staff. It's time for the Justice Department -- or, better yet, for the Senate Intelligence Committee -- to investigate the Wilson/Plame sham. Not only was the Wilson mission to Niger a sham, but the CIA's demand for an investigation of Robert Novak's outing of Valerie Plame may itself have been a criminal act. "

Eurabian nights

The "crucial initiatives" usually amount to trying to bribe Canadians with their own money dropping money from the back of the Money truck as it

criss crosses the country.

"Nothing will help this time, not even the media pundits who have assisted the government by keeping quiet about skulduggery for years(Adscam was going on for years while the media were relatively silent) and now they are crying about a winter election?Of course it's just a coincidence that a lot of the skullduggery was going on while the RCMP were systematically downsized by 2200 officers and lost many of their top investigators who took early retirement.While the cat's away, the mice will play and they did.They had plenty of money for the gun registry and Adscam but apparently not enough money to keep our treasured Mounties sufficiently funded.Not hard to see why investigations take forever.

No time is election time but if you have to have one, now is as good a time as any before Canada becomes a full fledged member of the Banana Republic League.Just look at the way Mr. Cutler and other whistleblowers have been treated over the years when they tried to protect Canadians.Look at the "new" whistleblower legislation which will keep still keep the public in the dark.After all, the public gets a chance to decide on the government during an election .Why are the media pundits afraid of a winter campaign?-they'll need to get a new rolodex?"

"Over the weekend, Mr. Martin said he feared a snap election because it would jeopardize his government's many crucial social and trade initiatives. To which we ask, what crucial initiatives?"

The Liberals always called elections when the timing was in their favor, this time around the timing may not be of their choosing

Sometimes you have to take the responsibility yourself, instead of waffling Jack should do the honourable thing and step up to the plate or lose


"Harper has wisely decided not to move non-confidence in the Liberals next Tuesday, the Conservative opposition day, because he doesn't trust Layton to follow through.

Neither would we. If Layton is being sincere, let him move non-confidence in the Grits on his opposition day on Nov. 24 -- in a motion that both the Tories and Bloc can support. Or let him go to Harper now and make his support clear, with a written guarantee.

Let him, at long last, put his MPs where his mouth is."

Worthington- Let's vote already!

"What's "scary" is more of the sort of corruption - moral and physical - that's been rampant ever since Chretien reversed the original helicopter deal in 1993 at a penalty cost of $500 million to taxpayers.

We've had the billion-dollar scandal in Human Resources, the two-billion gun registry boondoggle, payoffs and bonuses to officials who've been caught in monkey business, and the floundering of Paul Martin who tries to persuade the country that as finance minster for most of the mischief years he was unaware of collusion and corruption.

Canadians know better. But it's Jack Layton who's kept the Liberals in office as long as they pandered to the NDP. That far overshadows any failings of Harper, and may be about to end. One hopes so. About time."

Weston- Dec 8 most likely date

Licia Corbella- Brison

Iranians want probe into France

Iran's Association of Muslim Journalists, a government-approved association, is condemning the violation of Muslims' civil rights in France and calling on the French government to cooperate with Tehran in establishing a fact-finding commission to investigate the conditions of French Muslims.

Senate hearing webcast this morning.....


"Imagine how the mayor and his staff and their friends would act in a city in which they (and they alone) could drive through any red light or stop sign (or turn them into green lights whenever they wanted), and the police were hand-picked by and under the control of the mayor, and the penalties were weak or non-existent, and opposition politicians and the local media focused on the accidents that (of course) happened but not the causes.

The chaos and damage the mayor and his cronies would create over a decade with their reckless driving is similar to the harmful mess the federal Liberals' have created in their past 12 years of controlling the federal government. "