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Michael Yon reporting from Iraq- Operation Rhma

The terrorists and the quake

Terror groups moved into quake vacuum..........

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The gun registry is working like a charm........another victim , more hand wringing and zippo.What part of "they don't care about society's rules"

don't they understand.The problem can't be fobbed off on the Americans.The perps are here and they couldn't care less about a soft on crime justice system.They benefit from it.Those in government better start worrying about preventing innocent people from becoming victims in the first place instead of just rambling on , week after week about "we're going to do all we can to get them"-after all protecting the public is their first duty.How many of these characters have previous offences? What were their sentences? They aren't interested in abiding by society's rules, then they should be isolated from doing any further harm to innocent victims.

Mark Tapscott.........

Some are not too happy with the immigration system via commenter maz2 at

Crime's down----------a year has passed and zippo-"we feel your pain" now where's the next junket (fact finding mission) and don't forget the gum

Video of celebration in Iraq

The silence was deafening- the mainstream reporters were almost disheartened that the Iraq vote went off so smoothly-unless it's got a "get Bush"

angle ,they seem to lose interest.

Criminals in paradise?

"The criminals must not change us. One way or the other, we have to change them lest we all collapse in that moral desert where the man with the gun outranks the man with the heart. For too long have too many of us been forced to cower. The time to stand up and become an active part of the campaign against crime is now-before some confidently callous criminal gets either you or yours."

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Mark Steyn................

"I underestimated multiculturalism. After 9/11, I assumed the internal contradictions of the rainbow coalition would be made plain: that a cult of "tolerance" would in the end founder against a demographic so cheerfully upfront in their intolerance. Instead, Islamic "militants" have become the highest repository of multicultural pieties. So you're nice about gays and Native Americans? Big deal. Anyone can be tolerant of the tolerant, but tolerance of intolerance gives an even more intense frisson of pleasure to the multiculti- masochists. And so Islamists who murder non-Muslims in pursuit of explicitly Islamic goals are airbrushed into vague, generic "rebel forces." You can't tell the players without a scorecard, and that's just the way the Western media intend to keep it. If you wake up one morning and switch on the TV to see the Empire State Building crumbling to dust, don't be surprised if the announcer goes, "Insurging rebel militant forces today attacked key targets in New York. In other news, the president's annual Ramadan banquet saw celebrities dancing into the small hours to Mullah Omar And His All-Girl Orchestra . . ."

A very good day in Iraq........... via

"Reporter’s countrywide saturated the area days prior to the elections to hopefully catch the US forces failing. Well to damn bad it didn’t happen so pound sand! You be the judge on just how much coverage there is of the actual elections on the news tomorrow. My bet is that there won’t be much beside some BS doubters or what if this or what if that negative crap on. I know that if there were an unsuccessful election, it would have been nothing but “Breaking News” shots about how we failed. It’s a good day to be an American, stand tall America we helped a country get on its feet today. Semper Fi-Capt B"

Finally he decides to check into a hospital- via

Harper is confident...........

"The scale of corruption in this government is unprecedented in our nation's history," says Harper.

"There has never been anything like it, either at the federal or provincial level."

Now do you understand why Paul Martin can't seem to think straight anymore?

The vises are closing in on him and his Liberal cohorts.

Harper suggests ripping off taxpayers for even a handful of cents or dollars is endemic within Martin's coterie of hangers-on."

Which system is dysfunctional?

"Kenny referred to a speech made by Frank McKenna, Canada's Ambassador to the U.S., in which McKenna criticized the U.S. government system as "dysfunctional" because it has checks and balances in its political system.

Curious, eh?

In Canada we have a prime minister who gets to appoint every member of the Supreme Court, the Senate, the head of the Armed Forces, the national police force, the ethics commissioner, the head of every government agency and corporation and McKenna says the U.S. system is dysfunctional?"

Signs of arrogance with the public's money...........

"In other words, the Liberal culture of entitlement is so entrenched in Ottawa that their best defence for defending the indefensible seems to be that everybody else does it!

But there's more. Last week, The Canadian Press (and our Greg Weston) reported the department of Indian and Northern Affairs recently signed a $132,000 contract with a consultant stipulating the firm must not leave a paper trail. "

The government likes to have every last scrap of info from the public but...........
Public Hearing: March 29, 2005, Volume 87
Witnesses: Josée Thibeau-Carrier, Huguette Trembay, Mario Parent, Gilles-André Gosselin
page 15365

Testimony of Huguette Tremblay

And did Mr. Guité –- you used the expression, “the 10
Minister didn’t want there to be any paper trail”, if I’m 11
quoting what you said in your testimony correctly? 12
MR. COURNOYER: And what does that mean in practical 14
terms? Did Mr. Guité tell you specifically what should be done, 15
in practical terms, to comply with the Minister’s request? 16
MS. TREMBLAY: I remember that there wasn’t to be 17
anything in our files. Therefore, the event didn’t appear in our 18
sponsorship lists at the time because, as you know, we had all 19
that on computer records, I believe, in ’98-’99. Consequently, 20
this sponsorship wouldn’t be in our records. 21
The order was sent to Gosselin, and they took care of 22
billing and making the payment. Nothing came to us at Public 23
Works. 24

The first duty of a government is to protect its citizens...........

"Just ask Sen. Colin Kenny, the Liberal chairman of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, which has just released the first of three reports on the state of our military.

The first one, published last month and entitled Wounded (enough said), bluntly outlines how bad things are, drawing on previous studies by this committee and new testimony from troops at all levels across the country and abroad. The next two will offer solutions and a vision for the future.

These reports (online at aren't targeted at the Liberal caucus or the government, Kenny told me last week, but directly at the public. Judging by the first one, they're well worth reading -- when's the last time you saw a federal report with chapter titles like "Cutting through the Bulls---"?

Lorrie Goldstein - Can't even do the basics properly..........................

Read and destroy-- the more they talk about transparency, the more they like to keep the public in the dark.

"Everywhere in government, even at the highest levels of the bureaucracy, important emails are routinely tagged with the code letters "RAD" -- read and destroy.

As federal Information Commissioner John Reid has been warning for years, a creeping culture of secrecy in the federal ranks is subverting Canada's access-to-information laws, and threatening the foundations of open government.

The attack of the paper-shredders in the sponsorship scandal is certain to feature large in Gomery's first Adscam report, due to be released in just over two weeks from now. More importantly, how to permanently pull the plug on the shredders will figure prominently in Gomery's second and final report, due this winter.

Remember that the lid was blown off Adscam in the first place by an access-to-information request for three sponsorship contracts worth $1.6 million to produce three reports that didn't exist.

It is also worth remembering that the feds refused to release that information for over two years. "

Douglas Fisher.............

In the aftermath of Katrina..........

Oliver North..............