Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Priceless- and timely

(Seems that they are excellent at writing reports and pumping out stats but the track record seems to be less than stellar.)

" The audit also found that Canadians are becoming much more interested in issues surrounding money laundering and organized crime.

Adverse drug reaction database

Almost 4 years since 9/11 and security leaves a lot to be desired

(Shouldn't be too difficult to achieve with that $10 billion they announced for security)

"In 2002, the Senate's national-security committee recommended the RCMP be designated the ports' lead police force, an eminently sensible idea that would cost taxpayers more than what we have now, but should improve security dramatically.

These are simple, basic measures. When we know our seaports are major entry and exit points for contraband, we should be doing a much better job securing them."

The Public and journalists hold different views on the media

Drive through reporting

Gomery Commission- live webcast of the continuing testimony of the auditors today.........

At least one journalist knows how to cut to the chase with the testimony given at the Gomery Commission

Lorrie Goldstein

Salim Mansur-Canada heading towards the slippery slope

It shouldn't be the cost of Gomery but the value to Canadians

Gomery inquiry-Forensic study backs allegations from Brault

"At the request of inquiry lawyers who didn't want them to interfere with the work of the police, Kroll's specialists did not scrutinize transactions that were the subject of criminal charges or continuing criminal investigations.

The Kroll investigators sorted through an estimated 28.3 million pages from 7,068 boxes of subpoenaed documents.

However, incomplete agency records restricted the investigators' work, the report says.

For example, in the case of Mr. Corriveau -- who, according to the Kroll firm earned $5.5-million in salary, bonuses and dividends during the sponsorship period -- the forensic accountants could not gain access to his bank records from 1994 to 1999.

The report says the Liberal Party got $800,000 in official donations from the nine agencies that Kroll investigated.".......

(what did the Bluenose have to do with national unity?)
"During a tour of the replica of the Bluenose schooner, a subcontractor charged at an hourly rate from $12 to $17. Lafleur Communication then billed the hours to the government at a $150 rate."

Transcript of Kroll Lindquist AveyTestimony at the Gomery Commission

The English portion starts at page 32-continues to page 192- balance still remains to be translated