Friday, July 22, 2005


"This fall, the TTC will conduct its first emergency response to a simulated terror attack, involving police, the army, ambulances, hospitals and others. The exercise, however, deals with what happens after an attack.

Mayor David Miller says Toronto, and the TTC in particular, is "properly prepared." But are there enough security cameras at subway entrances and on platforms? Are the ones that are in place operating properly? Are more police needed on buses and GO trains? Most important, are commuters themselves as vigilant as they should be?"

It's been 4 years since 9/11 and they're still talking about having disaster simulations instead of having already practised a number of them? Al Qaeda has its own timetable.One would think that they would have speeded up the process to prepare since 7/7. One would think they would have moved up the simulation since yesterday's second attack on the London tubes but it appears they are working on bureucratic time not al Qaeda time and are sticking to their fall schedule.These simulations should have been done long ago. It's even more important to stop any potential attacks from happening in the first place and that takes intelligence. The federal government in its infinite wisdom downsized CSIS by 700 people over the past number of years.Now they are concerned? The first duty of a government is to protect its citizens- unfortunately not in Canada.Let the excuses begin.


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