Monday, June 27, 2005

.....and still no effective whistleblower legislation. Why not?

"Stockwell Day, Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic, is to hand over to the Auditor General documents brought to him by a Passport Canada employee, which alleges serious breaches of security and procedure.

"This employee apparently tried to get superiors to consider the extensive catalogue of improprieties within the Passport Office," said Day. "When officials found out that this person had met with me as a Member of Parliament, the employee was then subjected to a series of highly questionable repercussions."

Day said the whole matter requires a serious review by people in the Auditor General's Office who are equipped to handle high level allegations of this nature."

One would think the media would be interested in effective whistleblower legislation and Access to Information and keeping an effective Information Commissioner on the job for another year, but they don't seem to be too interested in these matters of open , transparent democracy.


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